Hire Mobile App UI/UX Designers from RexSoft

Using mobile apps is a great option available for customers. And these apps are so diverse that for a new product, it is a must to be functional and look attractive for a user. Both these tasks are up to the UI/UX app designer, a pro that develops both the functionality and interface of the product you want to get. In RexSoft, we have hired the most talented and experienced Ui/UX app designers to work on your application and to do it the best way.

Why RexSoft's Mobile App Designers Are Better than Freelancers?

If we talk about the weapon of choice, a customer who wants to get ready-made and profitable application for Android or iOS usually faces two main options. The first is to hire an independent freelancer who can hone the UI/UX design for your application. The second option is to hire a team that can do the best they can, from collecting user preference data to the final polishing of the finished product to bring it to perfection. The second option provides you with multiple merits. In RexSoft, we offer you the most convenient yet affordable UI/UX design services.

US Legislation and Certification

Our company is well aware of how important mutual trust between a client and a designer is. In the case of hiring a freelancer, you run the risk of not getting the product you wanted, or you will face non-fulfillment of part of the technical task, delays in the delivery of the project, and the unreliability of the performer. At RexSoft, we conclude a formal agreement with our clients and strictly follow US law. Your rights will be fully protected when working with us.

Total Discipline

Working with a freelancer is always a roller coaster ride. Such a specialist does not follow a very strict work schedule, does not value discipline. And 99% of the time it's true. At RexSoft we have established strict rules regarding work discipline. Despite the fact that our employees work remotely and are often located in different parts of the world, we work in a single schedule that is comfortable for our clients. It means working on tasks from 9 a.m. up to 5 p.m. every business day. Our project managers carefully monitor the implementation of the assigned tasks and provide you with reports on the work performed when it is convenient for you.

No Emergent Situation. We Take Everything Under Control

If you have hired a freelancer in the field of UI/UX design at least once, you are definitely faced with the fact that there is simply no one to replace him. We understand that no one is immune from unforeseen situations, but at the same time, we are always ready to provide you with a replacement if the UI/UX designer you hired does not cope with the task, is sick, or cannot continue working on the project for reasons beyond your control.

Engagement Model to Hire Mobile App UI/UX Designers

At RexSoft, your comfort comes first. This is reflected not only in the brilliant work of each of our UI/UX app designers but also in the variety of collaboration models that we offer. Depending on which pool of tasks you need to complete, you can choose the model for hiring a UI/UX designer of mobile applications that suits you.

Hourly Hiring

To solve operational problems, fix flaws in the UI/UX design of already developed applications, the easiest way is to choose hourly hiring. In this case, you pay only for the time it took the application designer to solve your problem. Not more. In turn, RexSoft carefully monitors that our specialists do their work as quickly as possible, but without losing quality.

Full-Time Hiring

But in the case when you need the services of a designer's web or mobile applications all the time, full-time hiring will be a profitable and convenient solution. You get an excellent specialist at your disposal who is ready to perform the whole range of work in the field of mobile application design. At the same time, you are sure that during working hours such a professional will be at your fingertips, and you pay for his work in the same way as you pay salaries to your permanent employees.

Part-Time Hiring

There is also an option that can be called the golden mean between hourly hiring and full-time hiring. At RexSoft you can hire a part-time mobile app design specialist. You can discuss all the details on the number of hours of work per day, the remuneration of our specialist, and the specifics of the contract during an interview with our UI/UX application designer.

To Hire Mobile App UI/UX Designers in RexSoft Is the Brilliant Idea

All questions about the functionality and usability of the application are the domain of the UI/UX designer of mobile applications. At RexSoft you can collaborate with real talents in this area. Hire a designer of mobile applications on the most favorable and comfortable terms for you - all this is offered by RexSoft
Hire Mobile App UI/UX Designers


What is the difference between the UI and UX design of an application?

There is a big difference between UI and UX design. UX means user experience and that is how an app works to provide you with necessary functions. UI instead is shortened from the user interface and it concerns primarily the way on how an app looks for a customer.

Is it necessary to implement both UI and UX design in my application?

We cannot say it is obligatory yet for the best user testimonials you may get it is better to implement both parts of that work.

What can I get from a fine UX design?

The minimum is a constant stream of customers. Your existing customers will not stop using your services. The maximum is an increase in profits and loyalty. Because your clients will refer their friends to you. When your site or application does not cause difficulties for users and helps them solve their problems with maximum pleasure, they will return to you more often and much more willingly pay for your services.