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Are you developing an application, but are not yet sure how convenient and functional it is? You will definitely need the help of a UX/UI designer! It is such a specialist who is responsible for everything related to the usability and comfort of using applications. At RexSoft, we offer you to hire a UX/UI designer of the highest qualifications to work remotely on your project. 

Such a specialist will be able to bring the product to perfection, give it functionality and ease of use, and help make the finished application visually attractive and interesting for the user. As a result of working with RexSoft designers, you will be able to bring your application to the TOP and make it convenient, understandable and at the same time, memorable. And all that is needed for this is to contact us and choose a format of cooperation that is convenient for you.

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Why Are RexSoft UX/UI Designers Better than Freelancers

Almost all companies looking for a workable and attractive application face a dilemma. Whether to choose a UX/UI designer from among freelancers, or contact an outsourcing company? On the one hand, hiring a freelancer seems easier and cheaper. From another point of view, in the agency, you are guaranteed with the highest quality of services provided by UX/UI designers. RexSoft will prove to you why hiring a UX/UI designer in our company is a win-win solution. 


US Legislation

Our company operates strictly in accordance with the laws of the United States. We are licensed and certified by the US government. Our professionals adhere strictly to the work ethic used in the country. Are you confident that the freelancer you hire will be respectable and will not cheat on you? We can bet, you are not. In RexSoft, you'll be fully protected by US laws having a guarantee your tasks will be done timely, skillfully, and for a reasonable cost.

Strict Work Order

At RexSoft, you will not only get a dedicated professional but also the confidence that all work will be done according to a strict schedule. We have very high discipline requirements. All employees work under PM control according to the US business day schedule from 9 a.m. up to 5 p.m.

Preventing Emergencies

No force majeure! Strict adherence to project deadlines, prompt replacement of the designer if the one you have chosen cannot continue to work. We do our best to complete the assigned tasks on schedule.

Better Communication

Thanks to the finely tuned work of our PMs with customers, we ensure reliable communication. You set the PM task, he delegates it to UX/UI designers and monitors the implementation making reports for you. Freelancers don't always provide accurate and fast communication.

Engagement Model to Hire UX/UI Designers in RexSoft

At RexSoft you are welcome to hire UX/UI designers in several engagement models to your choice. We offer all the popular options for your convenience. All hiring options have been worked out with us, in addition, you get not only the services of a UX / UI designer, but also his PM when hiring at RexSoft.

Hourly Hiring

Do you just want to test your application for usability and quickly fix its flaws? Or do you need to improve the finished product to sell it more efficiently? Need to add a couple of features to an enterprise application? All these cases do not require hiring a full-time designer. And at RexSoft you can hire a UX / UI designer for hourly work.

Full-Time Hiring

If the work is long, or you are interested in long-term collaboration with a designer to work on multiple products, full-time hiring is an excellent choice for you. Moreover, you can start by hiring a UX/UI designer hourly to assess their skills, and then sign a full-time contract. Full-time hiring is an opportunity to have a professional at hand, but at the same time not to deal with his registration in the state, not to provide a job, not to keep tax records. We do all this for you, and you only get finished work from our UX / UI designer.

Part-Time Hiring

In cases where you do not need the constant presence of a designer in touch, but from time to time you plan to give him tasks, our part-time model will be profitable and convenient for you. You can choose a designer's work schedule that is convenient for you and conclude a contract with an exact indication of the range of work and hours of employment.

Make a Brilliant Choice by Hiring RexSoft's Remote UX/UI Designers

At RexSoft, all UX/UI designers have impressive experience and a brilliant portfolio of completed work. You can easily find a professional who uses their skills to make your application a real pleasure for users. So do not wait till your competitors will release the more usable app. Hire UX/UI designers in RexSoft and keep abreast of them!


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What's the difference between UX and UI design?

UI aka user interface is not only graphical but also tactile and sound design. The work of a UI designer is to design the graphical part of the interface including a selection of colors, animations, illustrations, buttons, fonts, the arrangement of objects. The UX designer, in turn, is responsible for the function, responsiveness, and emotion that the application evokes in users. UX design is important to any application, it helps build loyalty to a product or service and build long-term relationships with your target audience.

I have already done the product but I'm not sure it is comfortable for users. Can your designers help me with it?

Companies hire UX consultants when they realize their product isn't very user-friendly, but don't know how to fix it. As practice shows, UX designers do an excellent job with this task. So you are welcome to apply for our UX/UI designer's services to get the job done.

Are your UX/UI services costly?

At RexSoft, we adhere to a loyal pricing policy. Moreover, based on the current salaries of UX / UI designers in the United States, our specialists will cost you half the price.

How could I know I'm hiring a pro in RexSoft?

We provide you with multiple options to ensure you will deal with a real professional. These options include an online interview with a designer you may hire and the portfolio of a certain designer you can look through to evaluate his level of skills. We are always ready to replace a pro you are not content with.