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Mobile devices have become an integral part of human life. Do you want to be even closer to your customers? Mobile app development can be a solution to this situation. Do you want to reach the largest number of potential customers? Create a cross-platform mobile app with the help of a dedicated offshore mobile app development team.


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About Cross-platform App Development Team RexSoft

If you have decided to develop a mobile app and are looking for the right contractor, our mobile app development team is ready to share its expertise and turn your idea into a working product. We have more than 9 years of experience in developing cross-platform applications for iOS and Android. You can see examples of our projects or request a free consultation. Our managers will help you to find the best solution.


Dedicated Mobile App Development Team: Advantages of Offshore 

During mobile app development, much of the success depends on choosing the right mobile app development company. And while information about mobile app development companies, examples of work, and customer reviews can be found in the public domain, all of this is even more confusing and leads to an overabundance of choices. But don't worry, because your search is over. Working with the RexSoft mobile app development team you’ll get:



Working with a dedicated mobile app development team gives you access to a really high level of expertise. The developers already have a wealth of experience in implementing a wide variety of projects, and therefore yours will be implemented in the shortest possible time and at the highest quality level.

Excellent comunication

Communication between you and the mobile app development company is one of the main criteria for the success of the future product. A mobile app company that is good with communication holds all meetings on time, doesn’t try to sell any solutions as quickly as possible, explains the reasons for choosing specific solutions and what results they’ll lead to. This is exactly what our mobile app development team offers.

Affordable price

The market for mobile app development specialists is quite unfair. With the growing number of companies and projects, the demand for certain mobile app technologies outweighs the number of experienced mobile app specialists. This leads to higher and higher salaries for good, experienced mobile app developers. The offshore mobile app development team of professionals will cost you much cheaper, will take into account your budget, and won’t go beyond it.


Cross-platform mobile app development implies the use of software on different operating systems such as Apple’s iOS or Android. This doesn’t negate the presence of some native features and greatly expands the reach of the audience. Win the hearts of both iPhone and Android users.

Our Team Use Next Development Languages

For all its positive aspects, mobile app development is like a long-distance obstacle course. To achieve success, it is necessary to prepare well for its creation, especially to choose the right technology stack. We use:

Dedicated Mobile App Development Team Structure

With increasing complexity and development time, different people have to take on certain roles, even if they are not explicitly assigned. Thus, our standard mobile app development team includes:

On site



Mobile App Development Team



The person in charge of the whole mobile app development team. Keeps track of deadlines for tasks. Responds quickly if quality problems arise. Motivates the team to work more efficiently. Together with the product owner, makes decisions when there are possible alternative ways of development.


Business analyst

A business analyst is a translator from the language of business to the language of mobile app developers and vice versa. Thanks to business analysts, the whole mobile app development team can focus on their functions instead of getting bogged down in negotiations, figuring out what the business really needed.



These are the people who determine how the application will look and behave. The mutual arrangement of elements, the scheme of moving around the screens, the animations are all thought out by the designer. If the application is large and complex, there may be more than one designer.


Mobile app developers

Actual people who come up with and implement the mobile app. They come up with the architecture of the application, write the code, etc. Without written and compiled code, there is no application. Mobile app developers are often the ones who decide how exactly this or that functionality will be implemented in the application.


QA engineers

These are the people who check whether the application works correctly. A tester can write a usability comment, but his primary task is to make sure that the application works according to the requirements and specifications. They can test applications either manually or with autotests.

How Do You Build a Dedicated Mobile App Development Team?

To exclude major risks, it is important to remember that mobile app development should be handled by a team of professionals. We can help sort out the most suitable mobile app specialist for the desired result, or you can do it yourself.

Ask experts

RexSoft experts are always happy to help you. We will conduct an interview to better understand your needs and create a team to develop your project.

Do it yourself

Select the team yourself. Use the list of available experts in the next block. Select the necessary specialists and contact us for an interview.

available mobile app developers

Viktoria F.

Mobile & web designer
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Communication with clients, consulting, mentoring, organizational skills, sense of humor there are words that describe me. I`m open-minded, communicative, creative, detail-oriented.


  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • UX/UI

Hire Mobile App Development Team From RexSoft to Reach New Heights in Mobile App Development

In-depth expertise, impeccable technical execution, and full compliance with your business goals are only the least we can offer. Click the button below and together we'll unlock the true potential of your idea.


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How do one choose mobile app developers for a dedicated team?

It's better to trust an expert, but if you want you can conduct an interview. Evaluate the soft skills. Is the developer involved in business goals or does he just want to code? Is he or she autonomous or does he or she need to be given specific tasks? Do his or her personal qualities fit your project? Evaluate all qualities based on your tasks and needs. You can also give them a test assignment.

What to do before hiring a mobile app development team?

Determine the amount and nature of work required to support the project. If you plan to develop a lot of new features at once, you may need several developers of different profiles on a full-time basis. Describe what you expect from the developer: what technologies they should be proficient in, what level of experience they should have. Tell them about the product and describe the tasks they are to work on.

Do I really need an outsourced mobile app development team?

Having your own development team is emotionally satisfying. You can all plan features together, brainstorm, discuss the future. But also your own team is often unnecessarily expensive. You can continue to outsource development in the same way. If you have a product for which you don't need to conduct long research and experiments, outsourcing development can be more profitable. An entire outsourced team can cost as much as one in-house developer.

Why partner with RexSoft in mobile app development?

By partnering with RexSoft you get access to a large pool of talent at very favorable rates. We've been in cross-platform development for 9+ years and know exactly how to implement your business ideas and create a product that is in demand on the market.