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You’ve found the people who could embed your idea! Our dedicated Flutter programmers will create mobile applications for your project and will make sure that it’s interesting for the user. Any thought you’ve had about hiring Flutter developers is about to become a reality with RexSoft.

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Alex I.

Flutter & Blockchain developer
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I am senior Flutter and Blockchain developer. I am an Android Developer with a proven knack for designing and developing efficient, high-performance, user-friendly mobile applications.


  • flutter
  • laravel
  • react native
  • react js
  • Python

Alexander M.

Flutter Developer, Software Developer
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Attain professionalism with built-in competent skills, integrity and ability to learn fast hence adding value to the establishment and its objectives through sheer determination.


  • laravel
  • flutter
  • MySQL

Why Hire Flutter App Developers From RexSoft

Cost optimization

First thing first, our engagement models are definitely something that is going to help you fit the development into the budget. You aren’t going to run out of fuel with our Flutter developers because our company cares about your success. Our Flutter developers can work on remote, full- or part-time, depending on your needs. So, you don’t have to worry, our experts have everything under control.

Our experts and dedicated approach

We are quite proud of creating over 100+ projects and leaving our clients’ business needs satisfied with each of them. Our team of Flutter developers not only strives for high results but achieves them with each application we develop. So, if you’ve been looking for Flutter developers to create an app that will help you overcome your competitors, you are on the same page with us.

Quick start

Our Flutter developers can easily adapt to your company’s policy. It’s not an issue to us since we’ve already had a bunch of clients from other countries, and our Flutter developers develop apps in compliance with the USA legislation. This means that if you hire, you will be able to cut corners on explaining everything to your team as if you’d do with freelancers or new employees.

Accounting and legal issues

You can hire Flutter developers that will work for your benefit without having your mind on any accounting issue. This will be our task to handle while you may concentrate on your app with your brand new team of experienced Flutter developers.

Engagement Models to Hire Flutter Developers

Our engagement models to hire Flutter developers are guaranteed to provide you with high-quality app development without having your budget drained.

Hourly Hiring

Our Flutter developers can write apps for you about 8 hours a day, or less depending on your needs. This allows you to control your expenses and build up a comfortable financing scheme for the project. Meanwhile, the Flutter developers you hire will remain as dedicated as if they were your employees. In this engagement model, you’ll be getting a pay-check for your Flutter developers monthly/daily/weekly.

Full-time Hiring

Our Flutter developers can form an independent team and work with you full-time. This way they’ll be working for you 160+ hours a month and will be undoubtedly loyal to your app development. Hire Flutter developers, and they’ll be a powerful addition to your development team and can drastically improve your technical workflow. In this engagement model, you’ll pay for hiring Flutter developers each month.

Part-time Hiring

You can cut costs without cutting in quality by hiring our Flutter developers to work on your app part-time. This way you will have a reliable expert having your back and working on your app without paying them for a full-time job. A Flutter developer in this engagement model will be working on your app for about 80 hours a month, and you’ll pay monthly as well.

Hire Flutter Developers from RexSoft to revolute the industry

Do you have ideas that can bring people happiness? You know, how to make your user glued to the screen? That’s fantastic because we have Flutter developers who will be able to implement any of your ideas into the app. 
Even the craziest ones. 

Hire Flutter developers


Where are you located?

We are both a Ukrainian and US development company. We have offices in Ukraine and in the US, but this doesn’t matter in our cooperation. Time zone isn’t an issue to our Flutter developers and we will find a way to create an app for you no matter where you are.

How do I know I can trust you?

You can take our experience as proof. Our Flutter developers are skilled and can implement any of your ideas into the software. To check if that’s true you can see our testimonials on Clutch, or take a glance at our portfolio.

I’m from another country. Will you be able to work with me?

Yes, we’re able to work with clients from the US, Canada, countries of Europe, etc. Borders are nonexistent for our Flutter developers and there isn’t a thing in the world that we won’t do to ensure you have the most comfortable cooperation with us.

If I have a really limited budget but I need Flutter developers, will you be able to cooperate with me?

You need to contact us to find out the details. In any case, we have different engagement models so you may hire our Flutter developers on any conditions you find comfortable enough.

Can you find a Flutter developer for my project?

We’ll do our best to ensure that the Flutter developer we assign to your app will be genuinely interested in your success. So, you can say for sure that yes we can find a perfect match for your app and our Flutter developers might be the best addition to your team you’ll find there. So don’t hesitate!