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How to Develop an E-Bike Rental App in 2022: Main Tips for the Bike App Development

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Riding a bike is a joy. That is an undeniable fact. Today, you even do not have to have a bike to enjoy the freedom to ride everywhere you want. All that you need for this is to rent a bike and feel free to go everywhere you want.

Due to e-bikes’ popularity, riding them becomes popular fun for all ages. Yet not everyone wants to purchase the device for a regular ride. For most people, renting an e-bike is much more convenient. So you can consider a bike rental software to become your quick launching the market.

What Is an E-Bike Rental App

When you want to rent a bike what will you do first? Of course, it is Googling the nearby e-bike rental service! For this, having an e-bike rental app is a win-win idea. When you get it, you solve several problems at once.

  • You’ve got a working tool to manage your e-bike rental business.
  • You can involve customers both from the PlayMarket/AppStore and Google as your app description allows to rank it high by search engines if it has a proper SEO.
  • You can control your e-bike fleet just in the app.
  • You get payments for rental with no hassle both for you and your customers.

That is what any e-bike rental app is intended for.

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What Functions Are the Must for a Bike Rental App

When you need an e-bike rental app, you should consider what functions should it has first of all. There are several tips for you for that case by the RexSoft team.

User’s Profile/Personal Cabinet

Any client wants individualization. This means that if a program or application recognizes a client, offers him offers customized to his characteristics and requests, and makes it possible to track his activity on the service in his personal account, this will be an indisputable advantage for the application.

The user's personal account may contain the following information:

  • User's personal data,
  • Payment methods saved for fast e-bike rental,
  • History of recent orders,
  • Personalized notifications, promo codes, and offers from the service.

In this form, the personal account of the user renting a bike will be useful, attractive, and informative.

GPS Tracker

You work with a fleet of bikes. Each of which is worth an impressive amount of money. And GPS for such a business is a must. Equipping a GPS module helps to solve several problems at once:

  • Track the location of each bike,
  • Inform customers about the location of the nearest bikes for their quick rental.
  • Lay routes for customers using GPS technology.
  • Calculate the mileage of trips of each client. This is important for further calculation of the depreciation of each bike in your fleet.

QR Scanner

QR technology is one of the most convenient innovations. It can be useful for your customers as it allows them to use contactless technologies to rent a bike. Providing fast payments via QR codes is also comfortable for both you and your clients.

Smart Lock System

Each of your bikes must be protected from theft and unauthorized access. Therefore, the installation of a smart lock system is a must in your e-bike rental application. The smart lock allows you to lock the bike when the rental time expires, and will not allow intruders to steal it from the parking lot.

Payment Systems/Money Balance Function

Payment functions in the application are natural. Especially if it's a bike rental app. It is important to provide your customers with convenient and secure payment methods right in the application so that they can pay rent quickly and directly from their smartphone.


Getting notifications is a good manner. That is what any application provides you with. In the electric bike rental app, you can inform your clients of multiple issues like time spent or new bikes around their location to rent.

Bike Rental App Solutions by RexSoft

Choosing a reliable bike rental developer is a guarantee of success for you. In RexSoft, you can apply for two kinds of app development services for your e-bike rental.

RexSoft’s E-Bike Franchise

The simplest and the most convenient way how to get your e-bike rental app developed is to get it with our electric bike rental franchise. We’ve developed a thought-out application that suits all the needs of a rental business owner. You can get it within a month and our team will adjust it for your needs. One more benefit is the payment model RexSoft offers. You pay a starter fee that is several times lower than any rate for the application development and then, you pay your monthly commission that can be paid off easily.

Custom E-Bike Application

In case you want your application to meet all the requirements of your customers, getting a custom application for your e-bike rental company is the best idea. It takes longer to develop it but the result will be more prominent. Of course, prices for the custom e-bike rental app development are higher than getting an on-shelve solution or just applying for a franchise but its efficiency will be higher too.


What e-bike rental solutions do you offer and what is the cost of the bike rental app?

There are two basic models you can choose from in RexSoft. The first one is our e-bike rental franchise. This option is convenient in that it has already been tested in real conditions and has shown its effectiveness. All you need is to subscribe and pay the initial payment. We will then customize the app to suit your business needs and maintain it for the duration of your subscription. The second option is custom development. This is, of course, a unique product that will fully meet your needs and have all the features you need. But its development takes longer, and the cost of custom applications, even for RexSoft, is higher than the franchise fee.

How much time do you need to develop an e-bike rental app?

That depends on the business model you choose. In RexSoft, you can get a standard franchise app that will be adjusted for your goals just in 1-2 months. In case you need a custom solution, the terms will be longer as a custom e-bike rental app requires 2-4 months for its development.

What functions should the rental app for electric bikes have?

The minimal number of functions should include the payment system integrated for paying for your services, a GPS option to track bikes, and a notification system to inform your customers about the timeline, company news, and promos. Besides, implying smart lock technology and a QR scanner also are important.

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