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Senior Care App AllsWell: The Case Study

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The Background

It all started when Stefan Benn, a New York entrepreneur set out with the noble goal of making the world a safer place for the elderly. He got the idea from a tragic accident with his best friend's mother. The poor old lady lived alone and had fallen in her apartment. Since no one was there to help her she was found dead only three days later. Imagine, an active, healthy elderly woman died only because no one knew that something had happened to her. 

Mr. Benn decided that in the digital age when people around the world are more connected than ever before, such incidents are unacceptable. So the idea was born to develop AllsWell, an app so the elderly could always report their condition. When he came up with the concept of the app he contacted RexSoft and together we got to work.   

Client’s requirements

After getting acquainted with the client's vision, we began to make a list of requirements together. In total, the application had to include:

  • Functionality to monitor elderly inactivity around the clock.
  • GPS location tracking for the elderly.
  • Ability to track a person from anywhere in the world.
  • Versions for Apple and Android gadgets.
  • Security and data encryption.
  • Panic button.
  • Easy setup in minutes.
  • Alerts to selected contacts.
  • User-friendly admin panel for managing the application.

The Challenge

RexSoft professionals can handle tasks of any complexity. Nevertheless, some aspects of AllsWell required special skills and expertise to create the most optimal solution. 

Real-time monitoring

When seniors are in trouble, the countdown can go to minutes. That's why we took special care to make sure the app worked quickly and without delays, as well as to report the slightest suspicious situation. We've ensured this with the right technological stack.


It's crucial to monitor the condition and location of the elderly. A disaster might strike anywhere and it is crucial for the emergency services and the relatives to know where they are when it happens. This is why we needed to provide geolocation tracking in the app. 

User-friendly interface

Our frontend specialists and designers did their best to make the application interface as easy to set up and use for the elderly as possible. We took care of everything from creating the background pictures to working out the interface logic.

The Development Team

For this project, we assembled a team of true masters of their craft. 



Specialist responsible for the appearance, as well as the design of the interface.


Back-end developer

The task of this developer is to provide the server part of the software, invisible to the user's eye.


Front-end developer

This developer is responsible for creating the part the user directly interacts with.


Mobile app developer

Since the application was supposed to run primarily on mobile devices, it was essential to engage a professional in software development for mobile gadgets.



The project manager is responsible for the seamless interaction between the team and the client, as well as ensuring that the development process runs smoothly.


We chose the most appropriate technology to create an elderly care app.

React Native 

ReactNative is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in the world today. Great for creating a frontend for mobile platforms.

Node JS

This platform is great for developing the backend of an app. Its distinctive features are cross-platform and fast performance.

Taking care of the elderly in the 21st century is easy

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The results + Client Testimonial

When it comes to the elderly any news is disturbing news. Consequently, the more technologically advanced our methods of caring for the elderly are, the faster we can react and save someone's life. We are proud of the result of our work. The application fully meets the customer's expectations, and users note the user-friendly interface and the availability of the panic button.


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