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TAP App - Security Software Example: Case Study

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The Background

The idea for the TAP App Security was born out of a desire to move crisis management and communication practices of schools, office buildings, and universities from the 20th century to the 21st. The use of printed plans, landlines, and text messages proved ineffective during crisis situations such as mass shootings or natural disasters. A much smarter solution in this situation would be to digitize all of the above and move it into one seamless system with alerting capability and emergency communications. 

This was the goal of our future client CLPS Consultants and so they began the search for a suitable implementer. With recommendations from the New York City tech industry, they came across several companies capable of making this idea a reality. All in all, the choice was made in favor of RexSoft.

Client’s requirements

After contacting the customer, we set about gathering requirements. Overall, we needed to create an advanced mobile app system for hazard and threat management. Specifically, we needed to:

  • Create an app for as many platforms as possible, including Android, iOS, Windows Desktop, and web. 
  • Provide functionality to digitize crisis management plans.
  • Provide interaction with emergency services.
  • Create functional application management environments for clients.
  • Focus on educational institutions, houses of worship, and businesses looking to improve security.

The Challenge

Our specialists are up to the task of any complexity. Nevertheless, some tasks required a lot of thinking to get the best result possible:


One of the main goals in developing the application was to create versions for a maximum number of platforms. We solved this problem by using the proper technology stack.


The application had to provide real-time communication. We chose the fastest frameworks to ensure this functionality.


The security application had to have absolute fault tolerance. We solved this problem by professionally building the server part of the software.

The Development Team

We brought in the best experts to create TAP App Security. Specifically, the following experts were involved in bringing the idea to life:


Mobile developer

The one who is responsible for the development of the user side of the app.


Back-end developer

This person was responsible for the development of the server part, interaction with databases, etc.



The task of this specialist was to create a user-friendly and visually appealing interface.


Project Manager

This person is responsible for setting tasks, executing them, and ensuring seamless communication between the team and the client.


QA Engineer

QA Engineer - they carefully check the functionality before uploading it to production servers.


For this project, we chose the most advanced technology:


A cross-platform framework for creating hybrid applications.


Another cross-platform framework. It allows you to get a functional product to market in a very short time.


An ideal solution for building backend in cross-platform applications.


A PHP framework that provides increased application security and performance.


Technology with a rich set of both built-in and third-party components for cross-platform software development.

Take your crisis management practices to 21’st century

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The results + Client Testimonial

In the end, RexSoft ended up with a high-end multiplatform crisis management application. The customer was more than pleased with the result, and users noted the convenience and pleasing design along with the rich functionality. In addition, the customer praised RexSoft's high level of project management and communication as well as strict adherence to deadlines. The application is already in use at a number of institutions and the user base is only growing.

However, no need to read our retelling of the client's words. Here's what exactly the customer said:

"RexSoft went above-and-beyond from a customer service perspective. What most impressed me about RexSoft is that they stuck to their timelines, instead of giving us a false sense of completion times. RexSoft gave us a deadline, came up with a plan, and kept it. Whenever I needed to contact RexSoft with a question, it was answered within 24 hours. They were very attentive to the client."

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