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Custom Saas Development Cost: How To Pay Less In 2023?

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Custom Saas Systems: What It Is?


Saas or software as a service is a software distribution model in which a cloud provider hosts applications and makes them available to final users over the internet. The simplest example of a Saas product is Google docs. All that users need is to log in to their Google account and start working with presentations, sheets, and documents right in their browsers. All changes are automatically saved and you can access them from any device with an internet connection and browser. 

Despite the spectrum and diversity, the Saas market can’t meet the demands of all the variety of businesses. Thus, the need for custom Saas occurs. While some Saas is developed to run on almost any device, custom Saas is designed to run on some specific hardware. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits and cost of a custom SaaS development in 2021.

Top 3 Benefits Of Custom Saas Systems

Running a business with Saas can have numerous benefits. Here are the top advantages businesses can enjoy when they decide to build a custom Saas.

Reduction of Upfront Costs 

Developing custom Saas leads to significant savings. Software-as-a-service eliminates costs associated with the development and installation of traditional software. Such a model also allows businesses to spend money on services they need without abandoning their budgets with unused apps.

Ability to Scale 

Businesses tend to grow over time. They need new software licenses, may need to add new users, or require more server space. Making these adjustments with traditional software is a daunting task while a custom Saas lets implementing changes with ease. In other words, custom Saas gives businesses the flexibility to scale the software up or down depending on their needs.

Increased Level Of Security

The last but not least, the great advantage that custom Saas gives is solid data protection. Saas solutions have come a long way in recent years and now are known as the safest place for corporations to store their sensitive information. With custom saas, all the private data (including applications and servers) are proactively protected by data security specialists. Thus, outsourcing to Saas gives you peace of mind that your data is stored in a reliable place.

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Custom Saas Development Cost

How much does the custom Saas development cost? The question that crossed your mind and the question we can’t leave unanswered. 

A Saas platform development may cost anywhere between $50K and $500K. The mobile version will make you shell out from half to double of your web Saas cost. 

Factors That Influence The Price Of Saas Development

While it’s impossible to predict the precise cost of the custom Saas development, you should at least know the main factors that impact the final cost. So, the overall cost of the Saas development depends on:


The Development Team Chosen

When it comes to the development of your Saas project and you don’t have the in-house programmers team, you have the two options available. The first is to apply to a development agency. The second is to hire freelancers. Each variant has peculiarities that influence the final development cost. Partnership with a software agency is more expensive but can guarantee the ultimate quality of a product. The cost of the development agency services also depends on the location and specialization of its programmers.


Scalability and Robustness

Saas development is a time and energy-consuming process. As a rule, every agency gives a guarantee of scalability and strength of the final product. They provide advanced features such as space management. Companies, in their turn, feel that it can increase the customer base and extend the services. Nevertheless, to make this promise come true, the developers need to think of multiple factors before the system comes into the architecting phase.


Implemented Functionality

Saas development cost depends on the complexity of the project. It works pretty simply. The more features you want, the more you pay. The key functionality is usually enough to cover the basic needs but it’s not enough to make the system fully satisfy your desires. There are some features common for all types of Saas products. These include the following: Role-based access: enables admins to set different tasks and different permissions within a team. Analytical dashboard: allows the companies to see what metrics could be improved. As a result, business owners can boost their performance on the market and alongside better up customer service. Single log-in: users don’t need to log in to every app they use. Single credentials are used to access multiple services. Enhanced security. Your data is protected from the most common security vulnerabilities. Audit trail. Companies can track user activity and thus prevent suspicious activity. As you see, the custom Saas cost includes several useful features. If you want more functionality, you can choose the features to add.

Top Recommendations on Reducing Custom Saas Development Cost

The Saas development cost can be increased or reduced. We understand the aspirations of businesses to receive a top-notch product without paying transcendental sums. Here are the 3 tips on reducing the cost of custom Saas without compromising the quality. 

 Hire Saas Developers From East Europe 

Freelancers’ services are less expensive. Thus, more and more companies start looking for freelance developers from overseas. East Europe, and Ukraine, in particular, is holding the lead. The main reason for that is the optimal price-quality ratio. The cost to build the MVP starts from $35,000, and a full-featured Saas platform’s cost may reach $100,000. Still, this is a great price since in the USA only the simple MVP will cost a whopping $120,000.

There are several other reasons why businesses opting for custom saas, consider a programmer from Ukraine:

  • Lower rates compared to American and Western European developers;
  • Ukraine has the lowest operating costs in Europe;
  • Favorable geographic position;
  • Well-developed and constantly progressing It-market.

 Portfolio Speaks Better Than Words

When speaking of the choice of the developer, the first thing you should look at is the portfolio. Don’t let any other factor confuse you. A portfolio showcases the skills of the applicant and lets them stand out from peers. If you’re not impressed with the portfolio of a developer, the chances that his/her work will satisfy you are almost zero. Choose the professional and don’t try to save money on everything.  Otherwise, the additional costs of remaking, redesign, and relaunch are inevitable. 

Start With MVP 

If you have an idea of developing Saas but you’re not quite sure if it solves your problem, don’t rush to invest in a fully functional product. Slow down and start with MVP. MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. This is a working prototype that contains all the “required features” that will be included in the final product. Starting with MVP allows gathering valuable feedback collecting information on how users interact with the product, trying out the new features, and discovering pitfalls before you invest in the production of a full product.

Choose the “filling” wisely

As we said before, the more functionality you expect, the more you’ll pay. We suggest drawing the line between the essential and preferred but not essential features to reduce the final cost. This is how you’ll know what features are must be in your Saas and what you can go without. 


Saas or software-as-a-service is a popular practice nowadays. Providers host applications and make them available to users. Saas is extremely precious for business owners. Thanks to saas, firms have ensured the security of their sensitive data. Companies also win from the reduction of upfront costs and the ability to scale. Development of a custom Saas is a time and effort-consuming process that requires hiring an expert programmer and investing vast sums. The best ways to reduce the cost of custom Saas development are to deal with professionals, hire programmers from Ukraine, and choose the functionality wisely.

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