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Mobile App Development Cost in 2023

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Mobile applications are extremely popular as all the world uses mobile devices. This is comfortable and easy to use a mobile app instead of a web application or in addition to it. Besides numerous entertainment apps, there are also lots of useful ones. Mobile applications are almost everywhere from a marketplace to corporate needs. If you want to get an app of your dream, the first thing you should know is how much it would cost. In RexSoft, we've collected maximum useful info on that topic for you. 

 Type of Mobile Application

First of all, what type of mobile application do you need? There are lots of them, from the simplest ones to complex corporative systems that allow you to manage all the processes in your business. 

According to the basic classification, there are three types of apps:

  • Native mobile apps are developed to be physically installed on your gadget.
  • Mobile apps are, actually, websites with an admission from your device just by clicking the icon.
  • Cross-platform applications that combine functions of native and mobile both.

That typology also influences the cost of app development. Besides, you should also consider the complexity of the task you want a developer to solve. A simple game would cost less than a full-fledged e-commerce app. 

     Mobile Apps Pricing Models

When you apply for mobile application development services, the task is not only to find the best price for them but also to know the pricing model and not to pay extra. 

Hourly Payment

Some developers or agencies choose an hourly pricing model. It means you should pay per hour for the specialist's work.

Paying Per Project

It is a more convenient option as you can conclude a contract where all the services for the project you want to develop will be included. After the work is done, you should pay for it according to the estimated cost of the project. 

Monthly Pricing Model

In some cases, paying monthly is also a convenient way to get your mobile app. Especially if you need constant updating it and technical support to be at your hand. 

Mobile app development cost examples

If you’re looking for an average app development cost, you should read this article. To build the best software and achieve maximum results we’d advise you to be ready for everything and calculate your finances. We gathered all the info regarding the budget you would need to achieve the best results in development. Here you can find more examples of android and iOS development prices and calculate the average budget you need for the software creation process.

So, to learn what would be the price for iPhone and Android app development, read along!

How costly is a mobile app like Uber

Uber is an application that allows users to book a ride. iOS and Android apps like this are called taxi apps. Usually, applications like this include an admin panel, driver-side, and client-side application. An average app development cost in this case will depend on the features you implement into your Android or iOS app, and how much time your developers have to spend in order to build it.

Usually, you can find different features in the Uber-like Android and iOS applications. Here’s a shortlist of some of them:

Admin Panel

  • Access levels
  • Management, validation of users, drivers
  • Trips and transaction management
  • Mailing messages
  • Support service

Driver Panel

  • Driver registration, authorization
  • Driver profile management (adding, changing, deleting data)
  • Driver destinations
  • Accept or reject passengers’ requests
  • Call the passenger in the program
  • Analytics
  • Financial management
  • Support service

Client Panel

  • Registration, user authorization
  • User profile management (adding, changing, deleting data)
  • Geolocation and routing
  • Forming a trip application
  • Trip payment
  • Cost estimate of the trip and travel history
  • Calls and messages to the driver
  • Push-messages
  • Driver tracking
  • Driver review and rating
  • Support service

So, an iPhone or Android app like this would usually have at least 6 specialists working on it: PM, ІТ-architect, Designer, Front-end development, Back-end development, QA. It’ll take on average about 1200 - 1500 hours to build. The mobile app development cost in this case will be around $40,000.

How does a mobile app cost like DoorDash?

The average price for this kind of Android or iPhone app also depends on functionality. It’s a food delivery app, that also is separate on two different sides; client-side and restaurant. Some food delivery apps also have a delivery-man side which will also alter the price. Here are some features that these kinds of Android applications have:


  • Registration, user authorization;
  • User profile management (adding, changing, deleting of the data);
  • View of the goods cards, goods categories;
  • Search for dishes, restaurants;
  • Browse available restaurants in the city, city’s area with geo-binding;
  • Order formation;
  • Order history;
  • Rating of the restaurant, courier;
  • Replenish the application balance;
  • Usage of promo codes;
  • Receiving news;
  • Support service.


  • Registration, restaurant authorization;
  • Restaurant profile management (adding, changing, deleting the data);
  • Adding the menu information;
  • Pricing, discounts, promotions;
  • Adding restaurant staff and passing the order to the courier;
  • Order management, view order history;
  • Analytics;
  • Financial management;
  • Support service.


  • Courier registration, authorization;
  • Courier profile management (adding, changing, deleting of the data);
  • Booking (accept/reject) the order delivery request;
  • Browse of the order delivery requests with geo-binding;
  • Order card, delivery history;
  • Delivery route from the restaurant to the user;
  • Support service;
  • Courier activity statistics;
  • Courier finance


  • Access, access levels;
  • Management, validation of users, goods, restaurants, delivery services;
  • Promotion of offers and discounts through advertising;
  • Management of orders, transactions;
  • History of orders, messages;
  • Mailing messages;
  • Support service

On the couriers' side, mobile applications like this usually allow users to manage and organize a smooth workflow. So, this mobile app development cost also depends on the time your developers spend on it.

On average, it’ll take about 3-4 months and $35,000.

How does the mobile app development cost estimate?

To evaluate the average app development costs, you should take into account everything to estimate your budget correctly.

So, the first tip to estimating Android app development costs is to figure out what features you need. If you’re looking for a large-scale application, you’d most likely have to pay more than if you’d create relatively smaller software.

Also, to find out the correct design solution you need to evaluate how much time your designer will spend on it. The more hours they work, the more funds they pay.

The second tip to estimate Android app development costs is to find out the exact team you want to work with. Whether it’s going to be outstaff and outsource, how many developers you need, and how many testers and designers you will engage.

The bigger your team is, the faster is the development but the more is your paycheck. So, find the best technology partner for your needs and estimate how large your budget has to be.

With this, you should be a real expert at estimating the average cost of your software development. If you need to know more about your individual case, contact RexSoft for more details.

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  Average Mobile App Development Cost

Yet, all the models are quite similar in their estimates. Whatever you choose, the price can differ several times at least due to the specific and uniqueness of each project. As for the latest research, the average cost for mobile app development starts from $10,000. This price is not the ultimate one but it is actual for reliable and experienced developers and agencies. The most complex and multi-functional apps could cost up to $500,000. The cheapest ones are offline apps. Then there come chatbots, IoT apps, messengers and AR/VR applications. Yet the most costly are social networking apps and corporate/enterprise applications that cost over $40,000 at a minimum. 

 TOP Factors that Influence Mobile App Development Cost

We have already mentioned such factors as the type of an app and its complexity level that greatly influence the cost of the whole mobile application development process. Besides, there are also several other factors we should talk about.


The Type and the Reputation of a Mobile App Developer

Freelancers generally charge less money for their work than full-time agencies. But in this case, it is not at all a fact that a freelancer will be able to perform all the complex of work you need on his own. The agency is more reliable in this respect because a team is working on a project in it, but the cost of services will be higher.


Agency or Specialist Location

Yes, the location of a mobile app development agency also affects the cost of development. Thus, companies registered in the United States with hired personnel from among the US residents will charge more money for their services than offshore agencies. And the closer the location of the developer's headquarters to Washington, DC or Silicon Valley, CA, the higher its price will be in the comparison of American agencies.


Working on a Single Project or on an Ongoing Basis?

For customers ordering mobile app development services on an ongoing basis, agencies as usual offer more affordable prices. If you just want to develop a single app, be sure, the cost will be higher.

TOP Recommendations on How to Reduce Mobile App Development Cost

If our rating of prices for mobile application development horrified you, you should not give up the very idea of getting a convenient application for your purposes. We will show you how to reduce the cost. 

Hire Offshore Developers! 

There are specialists working on the development of mobile applications not only in the United States. And many of them have more experience and skills than their American counterparts. But the price list of such teams is much more loyal. Considering that all application development and debugging can be done remotely, this is a great deal. 

Articulate the Goals and Objectives of the Application Accurately 

If you are unsure of the outcome you want, you may have to repeatedly request and pay for additional services. 

Sometimes It's Cheaper to Order a Prototype

If you understand for sure that the development of a mobile application does not fit into your budget, order a prototype for the start. And after its introduction into work, gradually order an update and testing in order to bring the application to a fully usable state. 

A Brief Conclusion

Having a mobile application for your business is a good idea. Yet, apps differ greatly in their types, complexity, functionality and, that is logical, in their cost. When applying for services of the US mobile app development team, be ready to pay $10,000 at a minimum. And for enterprise apps, the cost can be 10 times higher. In offshore mobile app development agencies, the estimate will be more affordable as it starts from $5,000. 

Besides, you can also reduce costs by ordering just a prototype of an app to improve it further.

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