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Real Estate Web Application QUANTUM LISTING: Case Study

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Digital technology has burst into our lives and left no industry untouched. The real estate industry, although considered rather conservative, has also undergone these changes. Brokers and their clients need functional web apps to trade and buy real estate. Today's technology can make a complicated and demanding process like selling a house much easier and faster. That's exactly the task RexSoft had in mind when developing the QuantumListing web app, aimed to simplify the process of selling and buying real estate for businesses.

The Background

So it all started when a client came in contact with our company and after some conversation we learned his story. As it turned out, the client had been working in real estate since 1986, which is more than 30 years. All that time, he had watched digital technology change the world around him. Eventually, he understood that the real estate industry also needed to move in this direction. 

However, the digital solutions that were appearing in the market all had flaws that did not allow for comfortable operation. The client wanted to create a web app that would be enjoyable to use for themselves. Encouraged by this challenge, we proposed combining his experience in real estate and our expertise in software development to create a truly user-friendly listing service.

Client’s requirements

So, the general task is clear, and so it's time to start forming requirements. In total, the client's requirements boiled down to the following tasks:

  • Creating a real estate search site for businesses;
  • Creating a convenient and functional admin panel;
  • Add an ability to edit content through the admin panel;
  • Enable the site to stay in the top positions of search engines.

Based on these requirements we formed a clear and understandable technical assignment and set to work.

The Challenge

Although our specialists are true masters of their craft in everything to do with web app development, do not think that the development of real estate software is a walk in the park. A number of tasks forced our experts to give their all:



Web app creation

To begin with, we needed to create a beautiful and functional website from scratch. This is a fairly time-consuming process requiring a high level of technological expertise. Nevertheless, our specialists are up to the task.


Web app rebranding

Times are changing and so are the tastes of the target audience. From time to time any website needs to be rebranded and redesigned. Our experts needed to bring the site in line with current trends.


High loads

Quite often the business is transferred online, but at a certain point the number of clients reached a critical mass and the application simply crashes, unable to withstand the load. We understand that when you create a good product, you have to be prepared for its popularity. Consequently, we had to anticipate the processing of a large number of customer requests per second.

The Development Team

To develop this web app we gathered the best specialists. In particular, QuantumListing was created by:

  • Front-end developer. This person is responsible for the functionality and works on the appearance of the program. Namely, his part of the job is to create functions that directly interact with the user.
  • Back-end developer. This person is in charge of the development of the logic which is not seen by the user but enables all the functions of the system to work properly. The back-end part of the project deals with the user's information received from the front-end and returns the result to the user in an intelligible form.
  • Designer. This is the person from whom most of the creativity in the project comes. The main responsibility of the designer is to create a pleasant interface and a great user experience.
  • Project Manager (PM). The conductor of this orchestra. The project manager assigns tasks to the rest of the team, plans progress, motivates the team, controls the process, and coordinates overall activities. They are also responsible for time, risk, and contingency management.


Our specialists chose the most advanced technology stack for the project. We used the PHP programming language and its framework Laravel, which are perfect for web app creation.

This framework is one of the most popular among developers, and for good reason. Laravel comes with a lot of pre-installed libraries. All of the libraries are very lightweight and developer-friendly. The object-oriented nature allows you to reuse code and avoid duplication, which saves time and therefore budget.

Nowadays every business is looking for the fastest ways to implement new technologies to stay afloat and successfully compete in the IT market. Using Laravel helps significantly speed up the production process and implement the client's ideas in the shortest time possible.

Real Estate Web App Development Made Easy

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The results + Client Testimonial

We've succeeded in creating a great, modern real estate app. Our experts have completely coped with the task assigned to them and integrated many convenient features into QuantumListing. The application allows you to quickly and easily publish and edit real estate listings. 

Another distinctive feature of QuantumListing is that the web app publishes all the listings of users in the social networks LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This gives potential customers more opportunities to discover listings and also increases search engine friendliness. As millennials become more important to real estate professionals, social media platforms are becoming an indispensable tool in facilitating deals.

Another important difference from other services is the lack of a paid wall to view listings. Potential renters not interested in participating in any real estate listing service will still be able to find your listing on QuantumListing. 

However, these are all just our words. Let the client himself tell you about the results of our cooperation.

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