Node.js Development Services: Full-Cycle App Creation with RexSoft

Our Node.js development services experts have extensive experience in the creation of complex web and mobile apps. Node.js environment provides our frontend and backend specialists with all the necessary tools to create useful, attractive, fast, and extremely scalable Node.js applications to achieve our customers' business goals. With us, you'll get full-cycle Node.js development services starting from consulting and MVP creation all the way to the maintenance and support of the finished product.

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Our Node JS Development Services

Node.js consulting service

Before we start a project, we think through every detail together with you, so that the final product fully meets your expectations.

At the start of your project, the CTO and project manager will study your business in detail and prepare several technical solutions based on their expertise. This way during consulting you'll get analysis, assessment, planning, and expert recommendations on the creation of your product. Also, you’ll get constant technical advice during product’s development.

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Custom Node.js development service

We offer Node.js development services to create a unique custom product that will suit your business best and get you to the top. In our Node.js development company you can outsource the creation of an application in a Node.js environment that will ensure stability, speed, high performance, and allow you to fully implement your business logic.

Focusing on your needs we will provide the experts in Node.js development according to the engagement model that will work best for your project.

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Maintenance and support service

Ordering Node.js development services from us you not only get a high-quality product, but also the confidence that it will run smoothly for as long as you need.

We offer several models of finished product maintenance and support to best fit your needs and budget. You can order basic, standard, premium support packages that include various designated team bundles or arrange for maintenance on exclusive terms.

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You Choose How We Work

Custom solution

Today, it’s not enough just to have quality software. To get ahead of the competition, you need a unique idea and full compliance with your business processes. That's why we offer the service of developing a custom software Node.js solution from scratch.

Discuss all the nuances and aspects of the future software with our specialists, define the functionality you need, and eventually get a powerful Node.js product that exceeds all expectations.

Dedicated Development Team

At RexSoft you can outsource the creation of your Node.js product to a dedicated development team.

You will get a skillful and fully staffed team of Node.js experts that can handle the task of any complexity. The team includes professional PMs, full-stack developers, and QA testers.


If you are facing a shortage of Node.js developers, or your existing team lacks expertise, we will be glad to provide you with the appropriate experts.

Our Node.js developers will be a great addition to your team and will help you cope with even the most non-trivial tasks.




About RexSoft Node.js Development Company

Founded in 2012, RexSoft has been helping clients achieve success by developing complex Node.js applications for over 9 years.

We have more than 50 masters of their craft working at our Node.js development company. We offer a fully staffed team including professional PMs, frontend and backend developers, as well as QA testers on board.

We have 3 offices, one of which is in the USA. This way we can conclude a contract with you in compliance with US law.

More than 100 successful projects for small and medium-sized businesses. Nothing speaks louder about our expertise than testimonials from clients we've already led to success.

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Our Clients’ Successful Node js Projects

Imover CRM

CRM for moving business.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Support & Maintenance

Tap App Security

Crisis management communication system.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Support & Maintenance

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Why start developing on Node.js?

Node.js is a JavaScript environment for building innovative, scalable, real-time applications. Asynchronous architecture as well as out-of-block and event-driven operations make Node.js efficient and lightweight. Node.js gives you the ability to write serverless applications that only charge for the time it takes to access a function. This environment is great for applications with heavy load spikes or long downtimes while avoiding the cost of maintaining a complex infrastructure associated with scaling servers.

Which Node.js development services do you offer?

At RexSoft you can order full-cycle Node.js custom solution development, which includes consulting, creation, and post-release support services. In addition, we offer cooperation on a dedicated team outsourcing model or by outstaffing individual specialists to best meet the needs of the project.

How long will you support a finished product?

As much as you need it. We offer several models of product support and maintenance, differing in a set of parameters as well as the number of specialists involved. You can even create your own exclusive post-release support plan.

Can you develop a unique Node.js application?

Of course. We understand how important unique ideas are in today's world and how crucial compliance of software with a company's business logic is. That's why we provide a Custom solution service that allows you to create a project from scratch, exactly in the way you need it.

Why choose RexSoft Node.js development company?

Our Node.js development company has been working on the software development market for more than 9 years. During this time we’ve managed to hone our skills, successfully complete 100+ projects, open several offices, including those in the US, and understand how to make the client a truly high-class software. We're all set and ready to cooperate.