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Athlete Training App Example - Players iQ: Case Study

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The Background

In today's world, the issue of physical activity has become particularly acute for a number of people. The constant closure of public places such as gyms and parks has put exercise enthusiasts at a standstill. If you can still set up your apartment as a place to exercise, then it is almost impossible to invite a trainer to exercise in it.

Fortunately, the company PlayersiQ once decided to solve these issues by creating an application for classes with professional trainers with the possibility of full immersion and the use of AR and VR technologies. They came to RexSoft with their idea, and together we put it into practice.

Client’s requirements

After contacting the client and discussing the nuances of future cooperation, we began to form a clear list of requirements. We needed to:

  • Create a sports development platform that provides athletes with expert-led training media. 
  • Implement immersive training tools such as AR and VR. 
  • Implement an ability to subscribe to training programs.
  • Implement an admin panel.

The Challenge

Our experts are up to the task of any complexity, but some aspects of the application were accompanied by brainstorming about the best implementation in the product.


The biggest challenge was the implementation of a video player for watching workouts in each of the implemented coaching programs. We used the server capabilities of AWS to provide efficient data exchange with the mobile application.

AR and VR

The introduction of augmented reality technology allows users to fully immerse themselves in the training. We used a special technology stack to make everything work as seamless and delay-free as possible.

The Development Team

In this project, we have assembled a fairly large team of experts. Experts from both our and the client's sides reinforced and complemented each other.

  • Designers. Two designers were responsible for the formation of the user interface and brand identity.
  • Mobile app developers. Three specialists responsible for the user side of the app.
  • Backend and server developers. These are the developers responsible for the server part of the software.
  • Publishing\Market Support. This is a person who is responsible for the promotion of the final product and putting it into the app stores.
  • Project Manager. The conductor of this orchestra. Their duties included communication with the customer and team coordination.
  • QA. An engineer, in charge of polishing and testing the software before its release on the market.


For this project, we chose the most appropriate technology stack. 

React Native

This framework is popular among developers involved in cross-platform applications creation. With it, you can create applications for multiple platforms, which work as a native.

Node js  

An excellent platform for creating a fast and reliable backend for an application. It provides fast performance and unprecedented reliability.

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The results + Client Testimonial

In the end, we have a truly high-quality product that can stand on its own feet in today's marketplace. We have combined the experience of the world's best coaches in a variety of sports disciplines and advanced technology to provide a premium user experience. The introduction of video tutorials, cross-platform nature, as well as VR and AR technologies allow athletes to feel fully immersed in the process and adjust their exercise program.

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