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Autoleader - Custom eCommerce Software Development Example

About the project

The AvtoLider company started its activities in 1996 and specializes in the sale of spare parts and accessories for cars and trucks. AvtoLider’s warehouses cover an area of about 15,000 square meters, where more than 110,000 product names of well-known global manufacturers are located. RexSoft has developed custom b2b ecommerce software and adapted the automation system of automotive parts sales and serving corporate customers to modern types of devices, made improvements to the algorithms, added integration with global databases of auto spare parts.

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The main requirements for development from the Customer:

  • Unique design with corporate style
  • Adaptability of design for different browsers and gadgets
  • Integration of eCommerce software with an external product catalog from TecDoc (TecAlliance)
  • Convenience of finding original car spare parts and their analogues
  • Fast and stable operation of eCommerce software at high server loads

AvtoLider - is a custom eCommerce software for service of the company's corporate clients. B2B warehouse platform consists of a business card site and closed eCommerce software. The main task of the business card site is to inform customers, register new customers and suppliers, and authorize existing ones. B2B eCommerce software allows you to quickly find the necessary spare parts, order them, view the history of orders, make payments, create documents, and contact company managers. Also, B2B eCommerce software collects various information that is used by the company's analysts for effective inventory management and sales analysis.

The main functionality

Custom B2B ecommerce software AvtoLider includes all the necessary functionality for searching and ordering spare parts and accessories for cars. Let's look at the main features of ecommerce software.


Product search

This section of b2b ecommerce software AvtoLider allows you to quickly find the necessary spare parts and view analogues. The user can search by car brand and model, by name, and by code. The search history records all the results that have been performed before. The user can filter the search results thanks to the built-in product filters.


Products ordering

B2B ecommerce software AvtoLider allows users to order products through the "cart", create their own list of products ("Favorites" section) that are of interest to users, make payments for products, view order history and generate reports and documents. In the "Balance/Debt" section, users can view their own balance and payment arrears. Formed lists of various "Favorites" products (which there aren't or haven't been in the AvtoLider company yet) of users allow the managers of the company to effectively plan the expansion of the range of spare parts.


User profile

The page contains information about the user - full name, name of the organization, region, locality, VAT identification number, EDRPOU, e-mail address, and phone number. This data is available for viewing only. This section allows you to set the price type, default warehouse, and change the user password.


Administrative panel

The admin panel allows you to manage the content on the website's business card pages, edit data in the info block, in the "Company Details" and "News and Promotions" sections. Administrators can send messages to customers, view the history and effectiveness of mailing. Administrators of b2b ecommerce software can manage users and assign them different roles with different rights (user, consultant, administrator).

Custom E-Commerce Software Development Solutions from RexSoft

In this project, the RexSoft team proved themselves not only as specialists who turn an idea into a finished product, but also as experts who offer solutions to improve the product. Next, we will review the main custom e-commerce software development solutions from RexSoft.

Speed and stability of e-commerce software

In the development of custom e-commerce software AvtoLider, the RexSoft team used Node.js technology which allows you to quickly process a large number of simultaneous requests to the server and ensures stable operation of the software during critical server loads.

Integration with third-party spare parts databases

The RexSoft team successfully integrated the list of spare parts (original and their analogues) from Tecdoc (Tecalliance) and from the company's internal database into the e-commerce software AvtoLider. Thanks to the integration into the AvtoLider e-commerce software, 9,600+ product groups and spare parts from 900+ brands are available.

Convenient and fast search

The RexSoft team has developed an intuitive search that allows you to view original products and their analogues, as well as products that are in stock and available to order. The complexity of this solution was the integration of 2 databases of spare parts which have different structures and logic. After forming a search request, the user instantly receives the results that the system selected from 2 databases of spare parts which in total is 300K+ products.
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