Web Analytics Services from RexSoft

Web Analytics Services is an app or agency that performs data collection and then lets you view and analyze the information received. Web Analytics Services from Rexsoft monitor such aspects of your online presence as customer insights, behaviors on the site, social media posts, and discussions, and many others. In other words, these services let you step in the customer’s shoes and see how your site looks and functions from their perspective. 



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ABOUT Web Analytics Agency RexSoft

At Rexsoft, Web Analytics is one of the primary branches of activity. Our experienced team of professionals is on the guard of your actionable insights and effective web presence. With over 9 years of Rexsoft bespoke experience on the market and more than 100 successful software projects in various industries, you can have confidence in your digital marketing investments. 

We can help you distinguish traffic coming from different social media channels, detect and impact the key moments of users’ activity and etc. Undoubtedly, the necessity of Rexsoft Web analytics services is hard to overestimate. 


Web Analytics Services

Check out the web analytics services Rexsoft renders. We bet you’ll be amazed to learn how much we offer.

Analytics Consulting

You won’t be left alone with the data you received. Our analytics consulting service is a tool positioned to help clients transform data into valuable information that provides value-added analytical solutions. We’ll translate from the “complicated” language to English so you can get the message right.

Analytics Implementation

The analytics implementation service consists of the 3 stages: tags, triggers, and variables. As your website continues to grow with time, the analytics implementation will become larger and increasingly complex. Rexsoft analytics agency is not afraid of challenges. We exist to make sure each stage is organized properly.


A goal funnel is a series of web pages that lead up to a specific goal. Rexsoft marketers carefully create these pages and never stop analyzing them. They carefully track what series of pages or which flow leads to the most sales. They also monitor to see is there a weak chain where the company starts losing potential buyers.


Custom reporting service allows creating personalized and unique reports for your data. We analyze the reports received in order to proceed and make reasonable conclusions.

What Analytical Platforms Do We Use?

Website analytics tools provide valuable insight into how websites are doing and how can their work be improved. At Rexsoft we use a few web analytics services to make a deep and meaningful analysis of your website and help your online business promotion.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most recognizable and probably the biggest name in website and mobile app intelligence. In the modern era, Google Analytics has become some kind of household name in the BI space. Google Analytics helps us measure the advertising ROI as well as track the Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. The platform has plenty of benefits for your website. Some of the decisive aspects why we use Google Analytics are the following:
  • Track Online&Offline Traffic
  • Understand User Behavior
  • Data Reports And Customization
  • Better up Online Advertising With Marketing Analytics
  • Improve SEO And Content Marketing
  • Ability to a conversion tracking
  • eCommerce Performance

Google Tag Manager

We could not bypass this tracking tool. In a general sense, Google tags are bits of code embedded in your website’s javascript or HTML to extract certain data. Goog;e Tag manager presents us with precious data. These data include how long users spend on the site, how they appeared on the service, and even what items they removed from a basket. Other relevant advantages of the Google Tag Manager analytics service include:
  • Automatic coding the tags eliminates the possibility of human error;
  • We have complete control over the tags we create and monitor.


For us, Hotjar is an intuitive, visual way to discover, consolidate, and communicate user needs. We use Hotjar to understand our users and fix the points where they might have facing issues while using the website. Features that we especially value about Hotjar analytics are:
  • Gives a clear image of what’s happening on the service;
  • Helps gather some of the reasons why visitors behave in a particular way;
  • Does the above analytics fast.

Rexsoft Web Analytics Agency Is a Win Win Choice

The use of applying to a web analytics agency is hard to deny. Consider such an agency as a helping hand, an assistant who can take all the “pain” of creation and promotion of your business on its shoulders. Now when you’re aware of the web analytics services provided by Rexsoft, you just can confidently initiate our fruitful work together!


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Why Do I Need Web Analytics Services For My Business?

There are lots of cases when web analytics services will become handy. A knowledgeable expert will help you boost the effectiveness of your web marketing strategy and skyrocket your sales. Besides, web analytics services will ensure your smooth experience of leading a business. By trusting our agency, you don’t have to be preoccupied with all the bothering nuances.

Is It Better to Hire An Independent Expert or Apply to Web Analytics Agency?

It depends on your goal. If you want to solve a single-occurring problem or need a fresh opinion, you may apply to an independent expert. However, if you’re intended on long-term cooperation and want to achieve high goals, a web analytics agency is the best choice.

Does Rexsoft Provide With All Kinds Of Web Analytics Services?

Rexsoft provides the customers with a few useful services for high-class web analytics. These include analytics consulting, analytics implementation, goal funnel setup, custom reporting, and analysis.