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Unity framework is among the most popular engines for game development. But it is not limited just by games! This engine also allows you to implement AR/VR technologies to get the top-notch product you may require. So when you are going to get your Unity-based software product, the help of RexSoft's dedicated developers' team will come in handy. 

We offer you highly skilled remote developers' services to start your game/product development on Unity. All you need to hire your dream team is to contact us. 

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The Benefits of Unity Development Team

Why is the Unity development team from RexSoft the best option for your business goals? There are several reasons to choose our Unity development pros for your product development. Here we go with the benefits of hiring the Unity development team in RexSoft.


Only Professional Programmers in the Team

We offer only experienced and skilled pros' services in the field of Unity development. You no longer need to look for specialists among the locals because they demand inflated rates. Our developers on Unity have not only specialized education but also an extensive portfolio of projects. In addition, the offshore Unity developers RexSoft have excellent knowledge of the language in order to communicate with the client without a language barrier and misunderstandings.

US Legislation and Full Adherence to Contract Terms

At RexSoft, you can avoid the risks of hiring freelancers or remote teams. We work completely according to American laws, we have an official license that allows us to work in the United States legally. Our professionals are subject to strict corporate guidelines. You can be sure that the team of Unity developers does their work during business hours local time, we guarantee the impossibility of force majeure and prompt replacement of the team at your request.

Developing the Product on Unity from Scratch

In RexSoft, you can get turnkey Unity development services from our experienced teams. We'll do all the job for you from scratch. Starting from the idea you bring us, we go through all the stages to launch the market with a custom product developed in a full. Our services provided by the dedicated Unity development team include business analyses and consulting, designer's work, development front-end services, testing & debugging, marketing, etc.

Dedicated Unity Development Team Structure

At RexSoft, each Unity development team acts as a single organism. We select specialists for the team so that the total efficiency of the team is an order of magnitude higher than the efficiency of each member.

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Unity Development Team



The head of any team is the Project Manager (PM). It is he who coordinates all processes, communicates with the customer, and takes responsibility for completing the project on time and exactly with the tasks set.


Business analyst

If you take a project into work, then only one that bears minimal business risks in order to meet the customer's expectations. This is the task that the business analyst performs in the Unity development team. He conducts initial consultations and a risk assessment of the product that the customer wants to receive. Business analysts from RexSoft will help you choose exactly that niche and that specific product on Unity that will bring you the maximum profit.



Front-end developers from RexSoft will make your ideas come true. Precisely selected solutions allow our Unity developers to develop products of various types from games to complex corporate products, specialized software for IoT and VR applications.


Mobile App Developers

Unity is a perfect mobile game app ecosystem. Thus, our mobile app developers are among the top-rated pros on the market. You'll get the application with the most though-out Ui/UX design and the functionality you want it to be of.


QA & Testers

No product can be 100% successful if it hasn't been tested and debugged first. Our QA and testers will find the slightest mistakes and help fix the functionality of your product to make it perfect.

How to Build a Dedicated Unity Development Team?

We offer cooperation on the most favorable terms for you. When it comes to recruiting a Unity development team, we offer you two options to choose from.

Base on RexSoft's Experts' Help

Our experts will help you select a team of RexSoft employees based on your wishes, your own experience in team building, and the features of the product that you plan to develop.

Create a Team Yourself

If you trust your knowledge and intuition, if you are used to deciding for yourself who to cooperate with and who to recruit to your team, we fully support your initiative. We suggest that you conduct interviews with our employees and recruit the Unity development team yourself.

Available unity DEVELOPERS

Myhailo A.


7 years of experience and a wide range of professional knowledge Here's what I have to complete your Unity project.


  • Unity

Vladislav C.

React JS Developer, Software Engineer
Download CV

I am a young specialist with experience in a variety of technologies. I'm always learning something new.


  • Unity
  • React.JS
  • PHP

The Best Option on How to Get Your Unity-Based Product Is to Hire RexSoft's Developers Team

Create your own Unity software with the help of a high-quality development team from RexSoft. We will provide you with the best human resources to bring your idea to life. Apply for the consultation today to start your project immediately. We are the best ones and our customers' testimonials prove that fact. 


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Can I get my VR product using the Unity framework?

Our dedicated team will gladly develop a product like that on Unity.

Is it costly to hire a Unity developers team in RexSoft?

You can match rates of our dedicated development teams with rates you may pay to American programmers to find out that we require at least twice the lower price for Unity development services.

Can I get my Unity developers team in RexSoft based on the outstaffing business model?

You are fully welcome to get it!