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Social media are conquering the world for the last 10 years and even more. Today, even newborns have their accounts on Facebook or Instagram. Nothing to say, all the social media could be used as a reliable advertising tool for businesses. So it is important to use that trend for your purposes. To do that, the help of an experienced SMM pro is highly required. In RexSoft, we provide effective social media marketing strategies for all types of businesses starting with the smallest next-door grocery stores up to global sellers and retailers. 

You are welcome to appreciate our SMM services provided by highly skilled professionals working in our agency.


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About SMM Company RexSoft

Since the dawn of social networks, our team is always keeping abreast to analyze and implement SMM trends into our work. This includes thorough analyses, the choice of social networks for future advertising goals, targeting management, creating selling ad campaigns and lots of other tasks that in a bulk are called social media marketing services. 

In our team, we have pros in a diverse scope of SMM activities. Our employees can create a whole strategy or just concentrate on some special tasks i.e. involving social media influencers in your promo campaign or developing your image on social networks. These routines require lots of time and some special features to make a perfect image of the business as a whole. And we can cope with this task brilliantly. 


Our Social Media Marketing Services

As we have already mentioned, our team provides the full stack of SMM services for our customers. There is nothing impossible for our social media marketing agency. Let’s look through some of SMM services you can get in the RexSoft SMM agency. 


Social Media Advertising

People spend hours on social networks. And advertising in this communication channel today is almost the most effective way to make you known in the online environment. Our social media marketing agency can help you use this fact to your advantage. Our targeting experts and marketers will analyze the portrait of your target audience, select the best social media ad format and launch an effective campaign that will start bringing you profit from the very first minutes of launch.

Social Media Management

Managing your business social media accounts is not the same as your personal Facebook page or your Instagram profile. This type of promo requires carefully thought-out tactics, development and creation of the company's image on social media. What can we say about content: to be closer to its audience, any business must regularly remind of itself, select interesting, captivating and at the same time relevant content to the main field of activity. It is equally important to constantly be in touch with the audience, to respond to its activity and requests. All this is included in the services of social media management, which you can get in our SMM agency.

Web Design & Development

In addition to maintaining social media accounts, we also focus on other tasks, including web design and development. We will help you create a unified picture of your online business, where a corporate website, an online store, a landing page, and business pages will complement each other, look stylish and attractive, reflecting not only your activity, but also the corporate style.

Our Social Media Marketing Packages

  • 4 Social Media Posts Per Month
  • 1 Social Ads Campaign Per Month
  • Basic Graphics Content Support
  • 1 Social Media Channel
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  • 4 Social Media Posts Per Month
  • 2 Social Ads Campaign Per Month
  • Graphics Content Support
  • 2 Social Media Channel
  • 1 x Blog Per Month
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  • 6 Social Media Posts Per Month
  • 3 Social Ads Campaign Per Month
  • Graphics Content Support
  • 3 Social Media Channel
  • 2 x Blog Per Month
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We Solve the Whole Set of SMM Tasks

Nothing is impossible for RexSoft. Our SMM agency has assembled a truly effective team that can cope with any task. First of all, we take as a basis the principle that social media allows any business to be in contact with its customers. This is an opportunity to better understand the needs and desires of the audience, the ability to quickly respond to market fluctuations or trends. We implement all this in our complex of SMM services for business.

We Involve Customers

Attracting customers through social media is one of the most effective strategies. You will be recognized far beyond your location, you can find customers for online sales in any region of the world. In addition, we will help you attract the maximum audience that will really be interested in your proposals through an integrated approach. Advertising targeting, launching interesting campaigns, working with influencers and popular media personalities - all this will be developed and implemented by our social media marketing agency for your company.

We Increase Traffic Level on the Website

Website traffic is very important in search engine rankings. With our SMM tools, we will be able to increase the flow of traffic to your site, and this will be organic traffic that will not only increase your positions in Google, but also contribute to the growth of sales because the site will be visited by those who are interested in your goods and services.

We Can Make Your Brand Even More Popular

Social media for brand promotion is the best tool. Millions of potential buyers will know about you with RexSoft. In addition, we will create for you the image of a reliable supplier, seller, partner, choose the best promotion methods and bring them to life.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

Today, social networks are striking in their diversity. And a uniform approach to their use is not the best strategy. At RexSoft, we will develop plans for promoting your company on various social media based on their specificity and effectiveness for your business.

Pinterest Marketing

We will design the perfect visual content for you on Pinterest. This is your opportunity to use this social network not only to collect relevant photos, but also to grow subscribers who will be incredibly interested in your content.

YouTube Marketing

Your own YouTube channel is fashionable and promising. Share useful videos with your audience, shoot training videos, or talk about yourself and your products. Our SMM services will help you create useful content and monetize your YouTube channel in addition to increasing your popularity.

LinkedIn Marketing

Make the most of your networking with Linkedin social media. With our help, you can find the ideal staff on this platform, declare yourself as an employer or business partner, find buyers or suppliers.

Facebook Marketing

One of the most popular social networks of the XXI century will be your reliable platform for communication and promotion. And RexSoft will help you manage your business pages, sell products through Marketplace or launch the most effective advertising campaigns on this social media.

Instagram Marketing

Visualize your business in the most efficient way with the help of RexSoft SMM services for promotion on Instagram. Our specialists will not only attract thousands of followers to your account but will also help you advertise your products and services through the accounts of famous bloggers, influencers and popular personalities.

Delegate the Whole Scope of SMM Tasks to Real Pros from RexSoft


Don't wait for your competitors to gain popularity on social media! Get ahead of them and occupy a niche in the market now. Social media marketing agency RexSoft will help you with this and perform a full range of promotion services on all popular social networks.


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Is SMM costly?

This channel of promotion is among the cheapest in the whole marketing. And it doesn’t need time to bring the first result as you can see it almost momentarily.

What businesses do need social media marketing services?

This is a perfect tool for all businesses that are selling goods to people. But it is not just limited by classy sales as SMM could help you in your personal brand promotion, it will attract attention to services you provide or propositions you have. So it suits almost 99% of all businesses.

Can I Provide SMM services for my company myself?

At a glance, it seems nothing difficult in communicating with your audience via social media by yourself. But in real circumstances, SMM specialists can do all the tasks easier, faster and with the result that will be visible. Besides, you get the full analyses of social media promo campaigns and a strategy that will be flexible and workable when applying for such services in RexSoft.

How can I know my clientele is using social networks?

Due to the latest researches, almost 49% of all the population worldwide uses social media. So you can be almost sure that your future customers do use them.