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PPC advertising is among the must-have advertising tools for modern businesses. It is highly appreciated due to several reasons that are automation of the whole process, the fast launch of the campaign, efficiency, agile settings and cost-efficiency. Making your own PPC ads campaign could be difficult as you need to have some specific knowledge in marketing, Google Ads and other tools, SMM and other activities concerned advertising on the Internet.  All these could be delegated to RexSoft’s PPC managers working for your profit.


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About Pay Per Click Marketing Company RexSoft

Our company offers the full scope of digital services to make you prosperous via the Internet. We help to start an online business or to scale up your offline projects to gain more conversion from online users. PPC is among the most required services we offer.

As PPC ads are transcribed as pay per click advertising its sense is quite understandable. We offer you to launch an advertising campaign in search engines and social media using their functional and our skills. With us, you can show your ads to lots of people who are interested in your products and services.


PPC Marketing Services

PPC is not just placing an ad somewhere. It is a complex process that includes several steps and requires experience and knowledge. In RexSoft, we offer you all the services that are needed for the successful launching of an advertising campaign using the PPC model.


PPC Campaign Management

The development and management of an advertising campaign is the first and most important thing that you can entrust to our specialists. This way, you can be sure that your customers will see bright, creative and engaging ads that they will definitely want to click on. In addition to development, the PPC management service includes constant control and management of advertisements, the search for new solutions with low efficiency and monitoring of statistics.

Web Design & Development

In addition to planning and organizing an advertising campaign, we devote a lot of resources to finding creative solutions in the design and development of ads. PPC allows you to use different graphic forms and ideas, to use non-standard solutions, but at the same time, they should be laconic and informative.

PPC Tracking and Analytics

Even a pay per click advertising campaign that is already running needs to be followed up. After all, spending your budget should be rational. Our experts will track the performance, analyze the metrics and provide you with reports on the effectiveness of the PPC ad campaign we launched. In case the results of tracking and analysis are weak for you, we will offer various options for optimizing your campaign to increase response.

PPC Platform

We offer you services in the field of PPC advertising for all the famous and no need to say effective platforms to show.

Google Ads

As Google is on the top among search engines, using its marketer’s services is a must for all the businesses that promote themselves online. We offer to develop and manage your Google Ads campaign to gain high results. We combine our skills with the powerful Google toolkit to get full analytics for every campaign we provide.

Facebook Ads

Make social networks your comfortable advertising platform. Billions of people use Facebook daily. Make your products known to them vif Facebook ads. RexSoft will help you with it.

Microsoft Bing Ads

We also offer our efficient PPC management services for Microsoft Bing search engine advertising. Creating organic ads that will be on the top of Bing’s listing, we make you known to users and gain your future clientele to redirect them to your website.

Main Benefits of PPC Marketing by RexSoft

Besides our highly experienced pros, we offer you to employ for PPC advertising tasks, we also have several benefits our clients may highly appreciate. What’s so special about our work?


Full-Cycle Development

In addition to working with contextual advertising, our company provides a whole range of services that are useful for business and its promotion. We will not only develop a PPC advertising campaign for you from scratch, help you get started, but also collect statistics, provide full reporting on efficiency, results, sales and traffic indicators. But that's not all, because if you need it, RexSoft specialists will be able to develop other types of advertising for you, conduct a site audit or create a landing page for your product.

Fully Adhering to the US Laws

Our company selects the best specialists from all over the world who are able to remotely solve the most complex problems. But we are fundamentally different from other outsourcing agencies because we strictly adhere to US laws. Our company RexSoft is officially registered in the USA and it has all the necessary licenses and uses only official methods of cooperation. We conclude contracts with clients, where we accurately list all services, conditions, requirements, and strictly comply with all clauses of the contract. Despite the different countries of residence of our employees, we work according to your time zone, we select a schedule for completing tasks based on your comfort. We have no force majeure, and our specialists are always in touch with you.


If we are to hire specialists, then only the best of the best! This is the rule of the RexSoft PPC agency. It is very difficult to find high-class specialists in the USA who will be experts in contextual advertising but at the same time will not demand inflated fees just for their name. But RexSoft has gathered a team of professionals from different countries who are able to cope with any task in the field of contextual marketing and pay per click ads, but do not require too high a payment. This is beneficial for you because you will get a brilliant result without extra spending.

Make PPC Advertising a Strong Point of Your Business

Order an advertising campaign for your company, product or service from RexSoft. With us, you can place your advertisements on the best sites, accurately form a portrait of the target audience and increase sales tenfold. 


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Why PPC model is profitable?

You can appreciate the economy you provide with that type of contextual ad. You have to pay just for a result that is a click on your ad that leads a user to your webpage. Besides, you have traffic from those who are really interested in you.

Why do I need my PPC manager from RexSoft?

The answer is hidden in the functions that pro has to perform. They include finding and testing advertising tools, platforms for the ability to reduce CPC, Besides that, the PPC manager together with the sales department draws up a traffic funnel and determine priority directions in product advertising. He adapts campaigns to the specifics of specific systems: teaser and banner networks, Bing and Google Adwords, social networks and others. He also monitors campaigns, documents performance metrics, and makes changes.

Is PPC cheaper than other ads?

This type of advertising is much cheaper than any other type due to the payment that is provided per click. This allows implementing the budget you have in advertising without extra fees as you pay only when a person clicks on your ads.

What if the user is not interested in my product and clicks on my banner? Why should I pay for it?

Due to the agile targeting of ads provided by PPC managers from RexSoft the possibility that your ad will be shown to someone beyond your targeted audience is extremely low. You can see statistics and correlate the number of clicks with organic traffic level and sales amount to see this is quite a rare thing.