Digital content marketplace for freelancers.


RexSoft decided to create an e-commerce platform that would combine the best features of the most successful e-commerce projects on the market. After a thorough market analysis, we identified three differentiators needed to be integrated in our system:

  • It needed to process various types of content: media files, software code, scripts etc;
  • The content database had to be large yet efficient;
  • The system had to be easy to use and easy to search.

The final product was to serve the design and coding freelance communities offering a diverse range of unique digital content.


We created a leading virtual content marketplace called Fantero, specialising in stock photos, web design templates, audio, flash and video files as well as 3D models, plugins and scripts. With a database of almost a million unique items of digital content from over 100,000 users.
In 2014, Fantero was acquired by

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