Email Marketing Services from RexSoft

Many people think of email marketing strategy as an outdated way to promote brand awareness. Marketers, in their turn, are aware of the efficiency of such a method to an overall marketing strategy. A properly organized and held email marketing strategy can bring more benefits than you could ever think of. This is an effective way to connect with leads, nurture them and convert them into customers. 

Applying for an email marketing agency is a good solution for small business owners who want to ensure a successful presence on the market. Rexsoft company provides customers with the most efficient solutions for their email marketing strategy.


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About Email Marketing Services from RexSoft

At Rexsoft we understand your desire to make your business prosper. We’re aware of the most efficient strategy to help your start-up gain pace either. Our email marketing agency consists of a team of qualified professionals. Rexsoft works with email campaign management, design, automation, and email deliverability. We’re here to create an accurate email marketing strategy to let small businesses attract new users, retain old customers, and outshine their competitors. 


Email Marketing Services We Offer

Rexsoft offers several email marketing services for small businesses. You’ll be impressed by them as soon as you check them out below.

Email Marketing Design

The design is an important element of the puzzle. It helps effectively deliver the message to an audience, boost conversions and help the customers pick out your site from the row. The thing is, email recipients are picky about what they see. Thus, they can fastly abandon platforms that appear to be too dense or simply old-fashioned. The visual aspect is of paramount importance and we know to handle it.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is a powerful tool to grab and hold the attention of the right audience at the right time. We use automated workflows to attract potential customers, lead nurturing, and drive sales from existing and new customers.

Email Campaign Management

Every E-mail counts. An email campaign is a sequence of marketing efforts aimed at contacting multiple recipients at once. Email campaigns are developed to connect with subscribers at the most efficient time and give them valuable content and relevant offers. Rexsoft team possesses proper campaign management tools to help you build trustful and meaningful relationships with customers.

Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is the ability to deliver the message to the inboxes of the receivers. We estimate and boost the likelihood of e-mails reaching the customers’ inboxes.

What Analytics Platforms Do We Use?

The platforms listed above help our professionals obtain the best results in developing and implementing an email marketing strategy for your small business.


Mailchimp is a reputable marketing and CRM-app platform that lets a business grow. This is an all-in-one marketing service. The MailChimp approach is based on healthy contact, management practice, beautifully designed campaigns, and extended data analysis. The Mailchimp services cover our needs in reaching the right people, creating better content, and automating the marketing.


Sendpulse is an automation system that helps reach the audience within multiple communication channels, including e-mails. Through strategic messaging with Sendpulse, we help your business stay on top of users’ minds. As a result, we get an increased potential for more website visitors, leads, and ultimately sales.


Mailgun is an Email automation service launched for developers. This is a cloud-based service for sending, receiving, and tracking e-mails sent through websites and apps. Mailgun software automatically runs the delivery process to ensure the messages sent landed in the inbox. On top of that, we’re always aware of what’s happening to the emails sent with the service’s searchable logs.


Snovio is an easy CRM for complicated tasks. The platform lets us effectively manage the contacts and reach a powerful cold outreach. With Snovio we get to a more extended pool of potential users, verify contacts, track the lead's progress, and automate cold outreach.

Main Reasons To Use Email Marketing Services By Rexsoft

There are dozens of decent providers of email marketing services for small businesses out there. But is “decent” enough nowadays? A rhetorical question. You need to pick the best to let your business grow and prosper. The right email marketing service can significantly contribute to the success of your marketing campaign and Rexsoft is one of such services. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we already have a strategy for you!


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Is It Costly To Use Email Marketing Services In My Small Business?

It depends on the company you use and the goals you expect to meet. With Rexsoft, being on a budget is not a problem. We can offer the email marketing service to meet any budget.

How Do I Know That the Email Marketing Strategy Reached the Right Audience?

We’re highly focused on delivering the right message to the right people. For this purpose, we carefully analyze the target audience, handle the visual aspect and automatize the emails to reach the customers at the right time.

Do I Need Email Marketing To Promote My Business?

Yes, email marketing is a well-tested and well-known tool to promote businesses. Small businesses are not the exceptions. Thanks to e-mail marketing, you can deliver the message and reinforce it with an engaging design and the proper delivery time.