21 June 2020

Custom CRM development

Custom CRM development aims to reduce low lead conversion and deals rates, poor clarity of the sales procedure, wasteful advertising efforts, and inadequate customer support. For 7+ years, RexSoft has tended to deal with such issues with custom CRM programming. We help B2B and B2C organizations accomplish higher proficiency of deals, showcasing, and client support for an impressive income and profit increment.

The absence of custom CRM can explain why:

The absence of custom CRM can explain why:

  • sales rates are low and the number of lost opportunities is great
  • Client related processes are only partially covered with CRM
  • businesses representatives and sales associates are performing badly
  • there is a lack of clarity in sales operations and employee performance
  • the collaboration of sales, marketing, and client service departments is ineffective
  • marketing and client service outcomes are unsatisfactory
  • CRM is not user-friendly and not intuitive in its use

What are the benefits of having a custom-created CRM :

  • Revenue raise as a result of a properly organized sales process
  • end-to-end coverage of the customer-related processes in the CRM. The core ones are:
    • sales,
    • marketing,
    • client service,
    • product configuration,
    • client onboarding,
    • product delivery,
    • subscription administration,
    • project staffing
    • and more...
  • Increase of sales representative productivity since the convenience of the customized CRM is higher
  • Visibility and controllability of the sales process is higher since sales activities are tracked and analyzed
  • Cross-departmental cooperation becomes more efficient due to sales, marketing, and customer service CRM modules integration
  • CRM collaboration features make the involvement of employees from other departments more productive
  • Marketing and client service activities become more effective due to broader client representation, intelligent client segmentation, and personalized client interaction
  • CRM becomes more comfortable to use due to the intuitive UI


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