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Content marketing began to gain popularity with the advent of the Internet. Today, companies cannot work without having their own website and business pages on social networks at least on Facebook and LinkedIn, at the most on all platforms where there is their target audience. Besides that, content marketing provides an actual and agile strategy of the firm’s promotion using such powerful tools as visual and text content that attracts customers like moths to the flame. 

In that case, applying for a content marketing company is a good solution. You have that one just at your hand. That’s we, RexSoft content marketing agency that will provide you with the most efficient digital solutions for your goals.


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About Content Marketing Company RexSoft

In RexSoft, we are providing the full-cycle type of services for the creation of the website and supporting services that will promote your business in the online space. 

Our content marketing company consists of professionals with many years of experience working with content, visual, advertising, text. Moreover, we will be able to create for you the best samples of content to fill your site, content for social networks, special creative issues for advertising campaigns that will attract the target audience and distinguish you from competitors.


Our content marketing pricing packages

Content is the oil of the 21st century. Thanks to content marketing you have the opportunity to grow your own business through attracting new customers, forming long-term relationships with existing customers. Publish quality content with RexSoft and get new customers today.

  • Keyword research
  • 1 x Blogs Per Month
  • 1 Ads Campaign Idea Per Month
  • 2 Social Media Posts Per Month
  • 1 Social Media Channel
  • Monthly Google Analytics report
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  • Keyword Analysis & SEO
  • 3 x Blogs Per Month
  • 2 Ads Campaign Per Month
  • 8 Social Media Posts Per Month
  • 2 Social Media Channel
  • Basic Graphics Content Support
  • Monthly Google Analytics report
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  • Keyword Analysis & SEO
  • 5 x Blogs Per Month
  • 3 Ads Campaign Per Month
  • 10 Social Media Posts Per Month
  • 3 Social Media Channel
  • Graphics & Video Content Support
  • Monthly Google Analytics report
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Our Content Marketing Services

Let’s look at our content marketing agency’s scope of services. We can bet you’ll be impressed with them!  


Blog Content Creation

Having your own blog is a benefit for your company’s website. And your personal blog could be a good start for your career. In every case, the services of the content marketing agency will come in handy for your blog’s goals. We’ll help you to build a perfect strategy and highlight all the main themes your blog will be devoted to.

Web Design & Development

There is no need for hiring specialists in web design and development as we can cope with that task too. If you just intend to create your website we are here for you. So be welcome to get all the services from our content marketing company and create your website from scratch with RexSoft.

Online Reputation Management

Building a business reputation in the online space is imperative today. This activity includes a whole bunch of activities. This includes communication with clients, and work with negative reviews, and responses to positive comments and questions. All this works for your reputation at the same time as the original advertising campaigns. And all this you can get within the RexSoft content marketing services.

SEO Content Writing

Content writing is an art-like process. But not only art plays a role. Here, strict compliance with the SEO requirements is important, which allows you to promote the site in the ranking of search engines. And all this should also be interesting and informative for clients. Not every copywriter can cope with this task. But our employees have wide erudition and knowledge in the field of SEO optimization, so they are quite capable of filling your site with beautiful and interesting SEO texts.

We Solve the Whole Set of Content Marketing Tasks

As you can see, our company is able to cope with the most non-trivial tasks. Our employees will be able to do the impossible, and even in fierce competition, promote your website or blog in the eyes of both search engines and the audience.

Set Up Long-Term Lead Generation

A constant influx of new customers is the primary task of a content marketing company. And RexSoft specialists successfully cope with lead generation. Just entrust us with a specific task, and you will be able to assess the success of its implementation.

Build Interest Groups for Retargeting

Retargeting is also one of the in-demand digital promotion strategies. It is the preliminary compilation of a portrait of the target audience, selection of interests, geolocation, gender and age that allows you to accurately deliver advertising messages to the group of users who will give the most powerful feedback. And this task is included in the scope of digital marketing services.

Increase Brand Authority

Don't forget that brand reputation is incredibly important. And today it is impossible to earn it with just one offline work with clients. Our specialists will track mentions about you on the Internet, will be able to promptly respond to criticism and wishes, respond to reviews and publish content that can increase your business reputation in the eyes of customers, partners and competent authorities.

Main Merits of Content Marketing Services by RexSoft

What makes RexSoft content marketing agency the best partner for any company in the USA? Here are a couple of arguments in our favor.


US-Legislated Company

We operate in strict compliance with the laws of the United States. All contracts are concluded officially, and our employees work with strict adherence to schedules, deadlines, and the requirements of the US labor code.

Full-Cycle Development

There are even more services you can get in RexSoft. We offer our customers all digital services to create your website and social media pages from scratch. Our turnkey services include both content marketing services and web development, promotional, digital marketing, mobile app development services and lots of other options.


Our expert pros are real gems you can get in your crown. Expertise options by RexSoft are your best path to prosperity and scaling your business.

The Best Option for Getting Content Marketing Services Is RexSoft

Content is at the core of your online popularity. Make it a powerful weapon for your business development with the content marketing agency RexSoft.


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Is it costly to implement content marketing services in my business?

It depends greatly on your goals and the sources you want to involve in your content marketing services. In RexSoft, we can offer you content marketing services that will fully meet your budget.

Will I know my actual targeted audience with your content marketing services?

We are highly concentrated on retargeting services that include distinguishing and portraying your audience.

Is your service appropriate for all the platforms?

Content marketing services could be implemented to almost every platform you want to be promoted on.

Can you offer a content plan for my IG?

No problem! Just apply for our services to become an influencer with 10K+audience of your Instagram.