Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Services from RexSoft

Doing business can be even more successful when you get support from professional business analysts and consultants. Your own knowledge and experience are not always enough to make the right decision, and mistakes in business are fraught with too high a price to pay for them.

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Benefits of Business Analytics Services

Being a provider of business intelligence and analytics services throughout the US, we have collected extended experience in that field. The scope of our services includes all you may need to promote your company and to keep it afloat. Here are several benefits you may appreciate when applying for our business analytics services and BI planning.

American Legislation of the RexSoft Agency

Due to our UD legislation and certification, we offer our customers analytics services that suit perfectly American type of business. We offer working models and strategies that are optimized for the realities of the United States.

Turnkey Services by RexSoft

Very often the business owner himself does not understand which way to move in order to develop his business. And one single business analyst is unlikely to be able to help him. RexSoft's BI and analytics teams are made up of specialists in various fields, from marketing and management to big data and developers. Together we can create a working strategy for you that will lead to success.

Full-Fledged Business Analytics Services for an Affordable pricing

Have you ever applied for business analytics services to a US company? You may be amazed by its sky-high pricing for BI and analytics. In RexSoft, we are sure that the highest quality of services should be affordable for small businesses. Thus, we offer you consulting and planning services in the field of business analytics for cheap.

Our Business Analytics Services

What exactly does our company offer, you ask? We provide you with a full range of services from the initial study of your business and advice on planning and analytics to the implementation of the selected processes and control of their effectiveness

Market Research Analytics

We start by studying the market. It is this aspect that lays the further formation of the strategy for each client. Our marketers will be able to conduct a comprehensive analysis and provide you with a report on the current state of the market so that you can use this data for your own purposes

Business Analytics Implementation

Developing a strategy is just the beginning. Next, you will need to implement the selected strategies and solutions into life. Our experts will help you draw up a step-by-step implementation plan and control how effectively the strategies developed by RexSoft show themselves in operation

Data Management and Visualization

Data management will also be helpful so it is a part of our complex BI and analytics services. Our data analytics and managers will provide you with a full-fledged report timely to create a strategy that will work 100%. We do guarantee the highest level of services we offer in the field of business analytics services

Business Intelligence Tools We Use

We are proud both of our skilled pros and the toolset we use to provide our customers with BI and analytics services. To secure your business, you should apply for business analytics services. This way you can create the right strategy and manipulate data for the good of your business. Be sure, in RexSoft we'll provide you with BI and analytics services of the highest level of skills. Our agency helps small businesses to keep abreast of their competitors for several years, using only top-notch BI tools and our authored methods of strategic planning and analyses.

Microsoft Power BI

We use the best BI environment for solving various tasks in the field of business intelligence. Power BI is an analytical environment (a set of programs and online services) that makes it possible to do the following things: easily connect to any unloading of information from different sources, combine and bring this information into a single standardized data model (a single information well), calculate the necessary parameters and KPIs based on this combined data, building visual graphs, reports and dashboards (dashboards).

Oracle Analytics Cloud

The best cloud-based business intelligence solution. It has tools for integration into any business ecosystem and solutions for both big data and small business solutions.

Google Data Studio

Make all your business digital tools integrated into a single Google reporting and analytics system. All the basic tools of marketers and data managers are collected in this toolkit.

Enjoy Your Business with Our BI and Analytics Services

Make your business a working tool on the road to prosperity. A minimum of possible errors, a minimum of risks and losses - this is quite possible if you decide to use business intelligence services from RexSoft. We can make your business the best version of ourselves

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What is a business intelligence and why should I need it?

Modern business is already unthinkable without tools to support management decisions - business analytics. BI is a part of business analytics services that are used for real-time tracking of business processes, their optimization and planning. For this, business intelligence uses special tools that could be integrated into account systems and the whole ecosystem of your business.

How do you collect data for your business analytics and BI services?

We provide preliminary inspection of your business and apply our tools to get data from lots of sources including ERP, CMS, WMS or even Excel tables and graphs.

Is it difficult to implement business analytics tools into the company's infrastructure?

The implementation of a business intelligence system does not imply any changes in work processes or in the IT infrastructure. The implementation of ready-made industry solutions takes place in the shortest possible time, practically without interrupting employees from work.