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Ordering a Ruby on Rails website is a great investment in a successful business. Want to order a commercial website, which in the short term will begin to make a profit, but do not know where to start? The Ruby programming language is designed for it! RoR is a versatile tool that can be used in projects from different fields to develop different types of applications. Throughout its history, RoR has been used to develop software for end-users and companies in such areas as business, science, engineering, technology, and commerce. The main thing in this whole endeavor is to find a quality development team, but you've already done that.

RexSoft offers you more than 50 development specialists with 12 years of experience under their belt. In order not to be unsubstantiated, we present you with examples of our Ruby on Rails projects. See the expertise with your own eyes.


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What are the benefits of Ruby on Rails technology?

Ruby on Rails is just tool-library heaven. Ruby's well-defined and beautiful Ruby attracts a lot of talented developers who create high-quality, well-designed code blanks. Ruby on Rails has an excellent infrastructure: testing systems, component delivery, interaction with databases, etc. In Ruby on Rails, developers have been in a single ecosystem of components (gems) for years. When you come to Ruby on Rails, you just get into the future.

Can I create an e-commerce website on Ruby on Rails?

If you're thinking about building an online store, RoR is one of the best structures you can find because it has many gems designed specifically for e-commerce. RoR has it all: support services, payment gateways, email campaign platforms, and more. That's why one of Shopify's biggest virtual stores is built on RoR, as well as other e-commerce platforms like Etsy and Brandless.

Can I make a fintech project on Ruby on Rails?

As technology continues to expand its reach, industries like fintech continue to use more and more tools, such as web and mobile apps, to be at the forefront and facilitate engagement with their users. In this industry, RoR helps bring complex projects to work quickly.

Why choose RexSoft for Ruby on Rails development?

RexSoft is a reliable supplier of quality Ruby on Rails solutions for customers all over the world. We have more than 100 successfully completed projects on our account, and we have more than 50 professionals on staff. All of them are waiting for your idea to start working on the project.