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Our Node.js projects: examples

Are you looking for real Node.js experts?

Our Node.js experts are driven by one program in their mind: whatever we do, we do well. So, each of the Node.js mobile and web applications we create is an example of thoughtfulness and commitment. 


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How we can help you with your Node.js project

Node.js Consulting

We think through every aspect of your future Node.js web or mobile application. This way our team of Node.js professionals is able to figure out every detail about your business and create the perfect fit. The Node.js team you will be working with is 100% devoted to your success. We combine both business and technical approaches to provide you with a full assessment, planning, and technical consultation during the creation of your Node.js software.

Custom Node.js Development

Our team of experts in Node.js application development will provide you with a high-quality solution that is fully adapted to your specific business needs. The web or mobile Node.js application we create will be able to perform in any situation and under any circumstances. At the same time, your Node.js application will bring you more clients and profits since it’ll be custom designed to fit your business exclusively.

Maintenance and Support

RexSoft as a Node.js development company offers you several packages of post-release support. You may choose one that fits your budget or working model and you won’t be disappointed since our packages come in all sizes from urgent fixes to full maintenance of your Node.js application.


Why should I build my application on Node.js?

If you want a fast application that won’t crush under any circumstance, Node.js is your best option. Our developers are ready to create applications that will satisfy both your end-clients and your business needs, and Node.js allows us to make the development process better. It’s also a great option for fast real-time data processing, and overall a great solution if waiting too long is not your motto.

Where is your team located and how will it affect our cooperation?

We have three offices, 1 in the US (NY) and 2 in Ukraine. This will absolutely not affect our cooperation in any way. We’re ready to give you maximum results while working on our Node.js application without thinking how many miles take us apart. Actually, we had several projects from Europe, the US, and even from Australia. Time zones aren’t an issue for Node.js development.

Where can I find more of your work?

You can check our testimonials on Clutch or see our portfolio of Node.js developments and other applications.

Why should I trust your Node.js developers?

First of all, we have enough successfully completed Node.js projects to prove our expertise and be proud of it. And, we don’t ask you to trust our words - you always can try us in action ;)

How many Node.js developers are in your team? Will it be enough for my project?

We have a policy of thinking that every team is enough for your project to be competent enough. And our team is sure competent enough! Our testimonials and satisfied clients are the biggest proof of our expertise, so we’re ready for any challenge you are about to bring on us.