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Are you looking for AWS related services to give a boost to your business?

We, at Rexsoft, provide all sorts of AWS developer services ranging from AWS migration to AWS cloud management and automation. Our customized, robust, functional, secure and scalable AWS development services will solve all your hardware hiccups once and for all.

AWS Development Services

Amazon Web Services has brought a revolution in the arena of cloud computing. It has allowed enterprises to give an online presence to their various applications in a cost-effective and simple way by eliminating all entry-roadblocks which previously faced them. In addition to making the storage more scalable and flexible, AWS has also enabled enterprises to engage in multiple niches at a single time and has allowed them to simultaneously manage web applications as well as analytics.

Our AWS certified developer team is well trained and highly experienced in cloud computing and serverless development. We deliver our clients a wide-spectrum of services to make sure they get all the benefits which AWS cloud has to offer.

Our professionals specialize in AWS app development, app monitoring, load balancing, auto-scaling, deployment, cloud provisioning, and cloud automation. Our aim is to enhance the functionality of your application so that it seamlessly enters and operates in the virtual cloud environment.

We are a one-stop service provider to fulfill all your Amazon AWS developer needs. In addition to the above-mentioned services, we also provide application support and advisory services for AWS.

Managed Services And Operational Reports

Besides delivering a robust cloud environment, we offer resolution of AWS based activities, application performance monitoring, back recovery options, and configuration and deployment of applications.

In order to provide you an exact estimate of your business performance, we use regular reports made from customer scorecard and customer reviews, etc. We help you in managing all your operations to ensure your business growth.

Secure And Customized Solutions

We pay a special attention to your business development while managing your AWS based databases and infrastructure. Our experts make sure that no breach occurs in Amazon cloud IDE and your data remains safe in cloud environment. We offer fully personalized solutions that best suit your interest as we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all development policy. Our AWS developer team works in close collaboration with our clients to provide them exactly what they need.

Providing Best Recommendations

Being well-versed and highly trained in the usage of AWS platform, our experts provide a multitude of options to help you with asset optimization and auto scaling, while also ensuring reduced costs. We don’t recommend what we know best, instead, we recommend what’s best for you.

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