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Are you looking for expert API developers to build an Application Programming Interface for your mobile applications or web-based platforms?

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API Development Services

If you want to enrich your website with valuable data and useful processes without relying on redundant codes, custom API (Application Programming Interface) development can help you. API enables different apps to interact among themselves in a streamlined manner, forming the foundational functionalities required to create software applications. APIs also facilitate various Operating Systems to perform their basic functions.

Moreover, they enable a software program to request services from another platform and provide access to open other applications. API integration is essential for an application to request services from other digital platforms and software applications.

At Rexsoft, we offer all services related to your API platform. Our professional team is fully trained and highly experienced in API integration services, API documentation services as well as other services related to API interface and API application.

API Development For Web-based Services

We specialize in developing web API to provide HTTP services required in web browsers used in computers, smartphones and tablets. Our experts are well versed in developing APIs which can achieve device compatibility for your web-based applications and can act as interface for your web server and web browser.

We can also build APIs to help your web-based apps in accessing information stored on a device (e.g. calendar, tasks, contacts, etc.) or information about devices (e.g. battery status). We are also expert in integrating your web apps to social networking platforms (e.g. API Facebook integration).

API Development For The Cloud

Rexsoft specializes in developing cloud-based API to integrate your applications into a cloud environment. Our cloud-based APIs will enable your software apps to request services or data through a cross-platform or vendor-specific, direct or indirect interface.

API Development For Mobile Applications

Owing to rapidly increasing usage of smartphones, the need for mobile APIs has increased more than ever. By developing well-functioning APIs, we ensure that your smartphone apps perform just according to your desire. We are highly experienced in building APIs which allow your applications to smoothly integrate with mobile software.

For instance, our APIs can enable your apps to find map locations using GPS, fix appointments, maintain account balance, pay utility bills, check data usage, just to name a few.

API Integration Services

Our professionals are experienced in providing an assortment of API integration services which span a broad range of software applications in almost all markets and industries. Our API integration expertise includes:
  • .NET integration
  • Paypal, Payoneer integration
  • Skype based API integration
  • Shipping API integration (e.g. UPS, FEDEX)
  • Oracle-based web services integration
  • Web and cloud-based API integration
  • Twitter, Facebook and Yahoo API integration
  • Java Script, REST-based, XML API integration
  • API Google integration (AdSense, YouTube, Charts, Finance, Search, Maps, Geocoding, Language, etc.)

Customized, One-Stop Services

We, at Rexsoft, take care of all your API-related needs. We work in close collaboration with our clients to provide fully customized solutions so as to make sure our developed APIs suit their respective business models.

In addition to ensuring consistent and coherent integration, we provide various related services to fulfill all your API needs. We provide statistical support via sophisticated dashboards to help you evaluate API usage. We also provide comprehensive documentation to help you master your API usage. We follow strict standards to ensure the development of your exposed and far-reaching data once it’s out on the internet.

Quick And Quality Solutions

Our API experts are equipped with latest, cutting-edge technologies to help you not only in developing well-functioning APIs but also in tracking, analyzing, supporting, monetizing, and maintaining APIs. We are well versed in Java, C, C++, PHP Doxygen, DITA, Javadoc, FrameMaker and other programming software needed to provide quality solutions.

Our professionals are experienced in providing user-friendly APIs that integrate smoothly and seamlessly with various apps, enabling you to expand your business by using multiple platforms like mobile devices and tablets. We follow a meticulously planned procedure to deliver quality solutions within affordable rates and a quick turnaround time.

Contact us to get a free estimate of your API development work. Our experts will make sure to deliver exactly what you need!


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