We are Rexsoft

We deliver quality solutions through experienced team, strict process and flexible approach



Everything starts with a contact. Just call us, send an email or fill in a simple form and be ready for a fast response.


Our manager will contact you at agreed time. After short introduction you will discuss your goals and vision, along with timeframe and budget. These important points will help us to put our best effort to provide you the most effective solution.

In some cases we can give you a price range based on our prior experience. However, complex projects require deeper analysis.

You’ll get meeting report, that outlines everything discussed. This is needed to ensure that understanding of the project meets your requirements and expectations.

We perform deep analysis of your ideas and make a development plan along with breakdown of costs. Be prepared to answer a lot of easy but important questions, that will help us to define project goals and provide the best strategy for your product success.

We’ll get back to you with an initial offer with descriprion of possible approach, team, development plan and costs.
and specification

At this stage your product gets a physical form. We transform business requirements into interactive prototype and work on information archtecture and user experience. In general this is a product with exact flow but with simplified interface. You can explore your product before it is developed and think over any improvements at early stage.

Based on prototype we create technical specification with detailed scope for further development.

You get an interactive prototype that shows entire product flow, technical specification and technology suggestion. Also we provide POC for innovative solutions.

Good design is important for product success. All design decisions are based on your business goals, requirements and preferences. We provide the only design concept that has every pixel in its place — it is just right, looks good and works well. After concept is approved we work on all sceens of the product and entire design system.

Every screen is responsive, and every design element is adapted for usage on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Our development team loves working with challenges and deliver great products.

Front-end developers turn designed interfaces into interactive experiences on various devices using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and its frameworks like React.js, Angular.js, as well as WebGL and Canvas for rich graphics.

At the same time our back-end team develops your product core and ensures in its highest performance, security and stability. Our technologies of choice are PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and Go, Swift and Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android. Regardless of your tech level, our team will provide you detailed consulting and suggest the best solution for your business goals.

We have experience with cloud-based servers such as Amazon AWS, Heroku and DigitalOcean.


Quality control is essential in our process. To ensure high quality we implement continuous testing across development cycle and at the end of every stage. We apply code reviews, manual and automated testing and regression testing practicies.

Once testing is completed we proceed to implementation phase, where all new features are deployed to live environment. We do final testing to ensure in system stability and performance, and once it confirmed, updated product goes live.

and Communication

Every product is unique and we choose right approach in accordance with your goals. While following Agile methodology in most cases, we work with Lean and Waterfall models as well.

Our work is based on weekly iterations. To maintain things accordingly we use Git for code management and version control and Jira for project management. We applied continuous delivery and delpoy practices around this software.

You will receive weekly updates, so we keep you up to date how things are going. Also you will get access to your project section in our project management system, so you can check actual progress in real time.
and maintenance

Development is never done and product launch is a start of big journey! Monitoring performance and uptime, updating environment, implementing changes based on user’s feedback are ongoing issues every business needs to solve. You can rely on our experienced Support Team that will control the full operation of your product and responds urgently if a need arises.

Some of our clients

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